Organizing office supplies closet

Before / After Case Study:


Too many supplies, duplicates and who knows what else? The client was unable to find any supply that she needed without pulling everything out of the closet first. The space was not used to it’s fullest potential and items were jammed inside. Does this look like one of your closets?


We sorted the office supplies into containers and created a working storage closet for extra supplies. This saved money by eliminating the purchase of duplicate supplies. This also helped my client to quickly create custom portfolios for upcoming client meetings and keep on top of client follow-up with note cards.

Now everything has a home and is stored “like with like”. Items are easily identifiable because they are stored in clear boxes with marked with labels.

What Our Clients Say:

“Now I do not buy duplicate supplies and I know where to find the ones that I already own. No more hide and seek games, I can get down to business.”

D Severn

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2 Responses to Organizing office supplies closet

  1. We have unusual jobs that requires a ton of paper—as well as keeping catalogs for one year. In addition, we are “dog show judges” that require ongoing learning (seminars—questionaires–major dog shows–with attendance certificates for each breed educational seminar)
    One person is tough enough to organize, two is becoming impossible and overwhelming.
    Where do I start? I have a large basement with more than one walk-in rooms that can hold everything. The weight of the catalogs and papers makes it hard for me to stack. I am at a great loss for what to do,,,,,,,,,,,,,any words of wisdom???? Please help!

  2. Kathi says:

    Stacking never works to your advantage so try to think of solutions that will keep your refernece materials vertical. If your storage rooms in the basement are adjacent to your home office, they will work fine. You need to keep materials within reach of your work space that you refer to frequently.

    I would recommend that you always store ‘like with like’. For instance all catalogs / magazines of one type together. Create an exit strategy for your periodicals so that they truly will leave after one year and not mildew for years to come.

    You can create this exit strategy by storing your magazines by month. When January comes around the following year, remove the January edition from the previous year and insert the new into its space.

    Perhaps you can install heavy duty plastic shelves (available at your local home supplies store.) Purchase the tallest units they offer in order to maximize the vertical space within your storage area.

    Do not pile or stack your catalogs, instead keep them vertical with spines showing so that you can keep track of dates and easily retrieve them as needed.

    You will need a good file system with proper file cabinets and ample storage. I heartily recommend the Freedom Filer labelling system to keep track of all of your loose papers including certifications, education, bills and corporate history. I organized race horses using this system a few years ago and it worked out very well. Check out Freedom Filer on my Shop Page under Office Organizing

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