Organizing Pantry’s

Before / After Case Study:

pantry organization


The pantry was well designed and large but lacked specific homes for items. Although some categories had designated shelves, everything was crowded and jumbled together. There was too much of everything to recognize what inventory was actually on hand. Shopping at Costco added to the chaos as bulk items took over every extra inch of space.


Downsize and combine items like with like. Once we saw what was left, zones were created for snacks, canned goods, mixes and health foods etc. Lazy Susans accommodate condiment bottles and tiered shelves showcase canned goods. Now my client can see what items are available without moving items around. Plastic bins now contain loose items like snack packs and sauce mixes. The first aid kit, medicines and infrequently used appliances are kept up and away behind closed doors. Paper goods and extra supplies are stored away in other cabinets to the left of the entrance.

Practice makes Perfect:

This client is now practicing buying only what she needs when visiting bulk food stores and is working on keeping a master shopping list handy in the pantry. When an item is depleted, she will check it off and know that she needs to replace it during the next shopping excursion.

What Our Clients Say:

“I love going into my pantry and feeling like Old Mother Hubbard. I now know that I have a lifetime supply of plastic knives, forks and spoons and packets of sugar, sweet n low and splenda. Several things have been put in plastic see through boxes and I know exactly what I have and don’t need. Should make grocery shopping easier. Boy, it sure feels good. One more thing I can say that I accomplished before I turn 50. If Kathi had not been here, I would have shoved everything back in and put it off until another day. I sure need the accountability.”

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