Organizing Related Holidays

Remember the organizing holidays throughout the year! Feel free to download any related news column in my archives if you publish it with the short bio and website information listed below.

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January             Clean Out Your Closets Month
February 12      Clean Out Your Computer Day
March 12          National Organize Your Home Office Day
March 24-30    Clutter Awareness Week
April                  Stress Awareness Month
April 24             National Secretary’s Day
May                   National Moving Month
May                   National Mental Health Month (Declutter, de-stress!)
June                  Rebuild Your Life Month
August 5-9       Simplify Your Life Week
September       Self-Improvement Month
Sept 7-13          Improve Your Home Office Week

Mid Sept         ADHD Awareness Week                                                                        October           Clean Out Your Files Month
October 5-11   Get Organized Week
November       Clean Out Your Refrigerator Month
December       Stress Free Holidays Month

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