Organizing small closet

Before / After Case Study:

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This closet was packed full of clothes that represented all seasons. It was overwhelming to look at and did not function when dirty clothes were added to the mix.

The closet was too crowded to change in so the owner often changed in her bedroom which left clothes dropped around the room. One issue with the bedroom that did not help the closet was that.


We separated the off-season and special occasion clothes and stored them in an under-the-bed box.

I removed the floor shelf and instead maximized the space on the built-in corner shelf by folding shirts into smaller sizes and adding bins for socks and undergarments.

Once the closet had enough space to walk into and change clothes in, clothes were conveniently re-hung after wearing or placed directly into the dirty clothes hamper. This saved the bedroom floor from constant chaos and clothes from needless wrinkles and soiling. This also meant fewer trips to the laundry saving time, money and frustration.

What Our Clients Say:

“I’ve tried many things over the years to help my daughter. She has been chronically disorganized and I was suspicious that it was causing a number of failures in her life.

I called Kathi after finding her website one worrisome night at 4:00 a.m. (But I called later in the morning!)

At the time we were sponsoring talk therapy. I realized that our daughter sitting on a sofa in a therapist’s office talking about her problems was too far removed from the actual things weighing her down. I realized that our adult daughter needed practical hands-on intervention.

So Kathi came in and she and my daughter went through mounds of chaos and disorganization, including her storage unit. Now when she moves on she will not carry many of these problems in physical form. Her life is running much smoother and I feel that she is in a much better place to succeed.”

Vicki, San Diego

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