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Dear Kathi,
My husband wants to convert our shed into a workshop. I’m fine with that idea if we can regroup and find more storage somewhere else. Right now our shed is half full and contains books, power tools, garden supplies and a few odd pieces of furniture. Any suggestions?

Hillary, Encinitas


It’s good to hear that your shed is only half full. As you decide where to relocate your shed items, ask yourself these questions; Do I use these items? Why are they in the shed to begin with? When was the last time I looked them?

The answers to these questions will help you decide if you need to find a new space for the displaced shed items or whether it is smarter and easier to donate them to charity.
Books should not be stored in a shed to begin with. If your books are worth keeping, they should be in your home where they have a better chance of being read. If they don’t merit a spot within your home, why do you still have them?

Your garden supplies can be stored in a plastic bench seat. Rubbermaid storage benches serve a double purpose, storage and seating for your deck. If you don’t like this idea, maybe your husband could use his new workshop to build you a potting bench for your gardening supplies?

The power tools will probably be incorporated into his workshop. The furniture should be given serious thought. If it is already outcast to the shed, you probably don’t need it, If it can’t be incorporated into your home, it needs to find new owners who will use it.

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