Organizing weight loss

Dear Kathi,

This is my year to finally lose weight. I know that getting organized will be half of the battle. What can you suggest to keep me on my plan throughout the week?

Dorothy, Del Mar


The easiest diet to stay on is one that is planned in advance, leaving nothing to chance or last minute drive-throughs! Plan your meals for the week before you write out your shopping list. You’ll know what is needed and time will be saved. Your meals should be well-balanced and nutritious, offer variety and match your time and energy limits.

People generally cook more at home while dieting. Create an effective work area in your kitchen. A pleasant, well-equipped work area will be conducive to performing your cooking tasks. Make sure your kitchen contains all necessary supplies and equipment within arms reach or in easily accessible areas. Prepare individual portions of healthy snack foods and have them easily available at all times. Individual portions of grapes and other cut fruit make a quick snack and will keep you satisfied in between meals. Whatever diet you choose to pursue, have snacks ready to go when you leave for the day.

Prep-cooking on a Sunday afternoon will make eating healthy much easier. A great way to get the job done quickly is to throw a cooking party. Enlist your friends who also vow to drop a few pounds. Have each friend cook separate recipes. In the end, everyone will have several delicious and healthy meals ready to eat for the week. Good luck Dorothy! Let me know if you discover any other organizational secrets during your weight loss campaign.

Kathi is a professional organizer, image consultant and event planner based in San Diego California.

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