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Dear Kathi,

My closets and dressers are making me crazy. I can’t find anything. I am a very visual person and if I can’t see it, I don’t wear it. Because of this I only wear 4-5 outfits from my entire wardrobe. How can I make my clothes more accesible?

Marguerite, Del Mar


Get rid of your drawers. Use shelves and shallow baskets for your storage system. Clothing often gets lost in drawers. Visually oriented people need to see all of their items to get the most use from their wardrobe.

Fold your sweaters, jeans and t- shirts. Stack these items keeping the folded side facing the edge of your shelves. You will be able to see immediately what is folded and ready to wear.

Eliminate the hidden corners in your closet. Rebuild your closet so that the clothing bars end before the recessed area. Use the recessed area to add more open shelves.

If you need to add double bars to make up for the lost space, don’t hesitate. Adding space in-between your hanging items will help you see your clothing easier.

Replace your dresser with a tall shelf with doors or an armoire. You will be able to see your neatly stacked clothes as soon as you open the doors. Shelves with doors will keep your bedroom from looking cluttered.

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