Organizing Your Garage on FOX News 5

Yesterday I had the pleasure of showing FOX 5 news viewers how to organize their garage. We used the actual supplies cabinet in the news studio as an example of a disorderly space.

Anchorwoman Arthel Nevile hosted the segment and covered the basics on how to master the muck in your garage based on the principals explained in my new book How to Master Your Muck.


At 7:40 we featured the cabinet as it was and during the break I worked quickly, sorting, reorganizing and containing and labeling. At 8:15 sharp, we showcased the new improved and organized cabinet. After the show, the staff told me they loved the changes and vowed to keep it organized from now on!

The Steps to Mastering The Muck in Your Garage include:

  1. Group
  2. Sort
  3. Purge
  4. Classify
  5. Containerize
  6. Label

Click here to watch the news segment video

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