Outdated Suits Seldom Help Your Figure


Situation: A very successful businesswoman who was stuck in the 80’s with her old suit. Notice the narrow legs on the slacks and the large shoulder pads?

Solution: Choose more modern lines that will emphasize her great body! Flared jeans and point toe shoes add curves to her silhouette and elongate her body line.


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4 Responses to Outdated Suits Seldom Help Your Figure

  1. Aimee says:

    I like the update, but jeans are a poor choice for business attire.

    • admin says:

      Hi David,

      I have to disagree about jeans not ever being appropriate as business attire. It depends on the jeans and the business setting. Dark wash jeans paired with a tailored jacket can work in the proper situation, especially here in sunny southern California. This outfit however was not meant to be a business attire. I was showing the differnece flairs make on her body instead of straight leg slacks.

      I appreciate your comment. It allowed me to see that my before/after was a bit off track. I might have shown a new take on her business attire. Please keep them coming!

  2. cherylk says:

    Understood…the difference the cut of the pants and type of shoe make for presenting a modern look, but what about the modern approach for a true business suit situation?

    • Kathi Burns says:

      Thanks for this question! You can modernize a business suit with the right accessories. For instance, you can update an old suit by adding a blouse with modern details. For instance, right now, the fashion is men’s style suits combined with lacy blouses. The juxtaposition of male/female is a big trend right now.

      Here is an example of what I mean:

      Make sure that your suit is designed with the proper lines to highlight your best assets, including color. The majority of suits that you find everywhere are black. If you wear black suits, make sure to add color by your face with your blouse. For most women over 35, black is not the best color. It drains the color from our face and make us look older than we really are. AND who wants that! So, if you are wearing a black suit, make sure to pop one of your power colors by your face with a blouse or a scarf!

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