Packing for business trips

Dear Kathi,

I take many business trips throughout the year and usually either pack too much or too little. What would be a good basic wardrobe for a three-day business trip?

Jim, Rancho Santa Fe


Pack one dark solid colored suit, two dress shirts, and two ties. Also include a tweed or navy blazer, two casual shirts including a neutral silk T-shirt and a casual lightweight sweater. A pair of dark slacks or blue jeans, dress shoes and classic loafers will finish off your packing assignment for business. For quick work-outs, pack swim trunks. Trunks paired with an undershirt will get you to and from the hotel gym or pool inconspicuously without packing tennis shoes.

You can wear your suit two days by exchanging the ties and dress shirts. On the most casual meeting day of your trip, pair the blazer with your suit slacks and a different shirt and tie or silk T-shirt and loafers if appropriate.
In the evening, combine your jeans, dark slacks or suit slacks with the casual shirts. For casual elegance during evening dinner engagements, wear your jeans or dark slacks with your blazer, dress T-shirt and loafers. Make sure your jeans are dark. You can also roll the sleeves of a dress shirt and combine it with jeans and loafers for another evening and your flight home.

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