Ready to clean but can’t find the scrubber brush?

Cleaning Kit

Solution: Keep a separate bucket of cleaning products in each major cleaning area, i.e. a complete set for kitchen & a separate set for the bathroom. Each bucket should contain sponges, gloves, cleaner sprays & separate specialty items such as toilet bowl cleaner, shower door spray or oven cleaner, When you are ready to tackle the job, simply pull out your bucket & you are ready to go! Once the job is completed, simply put it back in the cabinet under the sink

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One Response to Ready to clean but can’t find the scrubber brush?

  1. Pat says:

    Great suggestion Kathi….I also like to stay “on top” of the clutter and dust daily…makes life much easier.

    PS At your suggestion I purchased the “lock it” kitchen square storage containers. Love them! Love not digging for lids all the time…two sizes only. Another great suggestion by Kathi!!

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