Recycle Your Used or Old Holiday Cards to Charity

As you clean up after the holidays, you might have a pile of holiday cards lying around that you received last year. Here is a win-win solution and a challenge for you and one of the easiest ways for you to donate to a good cause! St. Judes Ranch gladly accepts used greeting cards and recycles them to raise money. You will only need an envelope and postage to complete this task.

So go ahead and sort through that stack of cards. As you examine your pile of cards, be honest with yourself and keep only the cards that have significant meaning. Remember this – you are not obligated to keep the cards with your friends and family photos on them! Only save them if you absolutely love them. Remember it is the thought behind the card that counts! You can look at each photo card and say ‘my, how they have grown’ and then recycle it.

Please keep only the cards that have significant meaning to your life.

Over the course of a lifetime, if you dont use discretion and hold onto every greeting card you receive, you will end up storing and taking care of literally thousands of cards. Trust me, I witness these massive collections and get paid to get rid of thousands of cards every year!

So, go ahead, get rid of your clutter and purge the cards that you dont need. Sort through your cards, put the photo cards into your recycle bin and send the rest off to St Judes to repurpose and multiply their value again!

Here are the details about the program:

To Donate Your Cards:

Year round, St. Judes happily accepts used all-occasion greeting cards. Please review the following tips before sending in your donation.

Card Donating Tips:

  • All types of greeting cards, including Christmas are accepted.
  • Only the card front can be used (please check to be sure the backside of the front of the card is clear of any writing, etc.)
  • We can not accept Hallmark, Disney or American Greeting cards
  • 5″ x 7″ size or smaller is preferred
  • To mail large quantities in the least expensive way, use the United States Post Office in a Flat Rate Box (available at the Post Office), which holds up to 70 pounds
  • Mail donations to :
  • St. Jude’s Ranch for Children
  • Recycled Card Program
  • 100 St. Jude’s Street
  • Boulder City, NV 89005

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