Refrigerator organization

November is National Clean Out Your Refrigerator Month, so let’s talk turkey and cold food storage!

Consider arranging your refrigerator items according to function (lunch, snacks, dinner, etc.) instead of by category (vegetables, dairy, meats, etc.) Select a theme for each of your drawers. If you don’t have good drawers, use large rectangular Tupperware bins.
Making breakfast in the morning is a breeze when you can pull out a drawer and immediately have all of your ingredients (eggs, cheese, butter, sausage etc) on the counter and ready to cook.

Try storing all of your sandwich ingredients in the same drawer. Yes, even the mayo and mustard. Pull it out, assemble a sandwich or two and put the entire drawer back in the fridge for the next quick lunch. You can remind yourself to eat healthier lunches by including raisins, carrots and fruit in the same drawer.

Consider leaving dinner items grouped together in their bags when they arrive home from the grocery. When you are ready to cook Sunday’s meal for instance, pull out the bag that contains both the corn beef and the cabbage. You will save time with the dinners that you prepare within a few days after your trip to the grocery.

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3 Responses to Refrigerator organization

  1. Marlene says:

    I read about a system of organizing paperwork somewhere and went to locate it at Staples, but they don’t carry it. i think it had a 30 day section and important paperwork section. Do you have any idea what system it might be?

    • Kathi Burns says:

      It is the Freedom Filer system. You can order here online, It is not available in stores. It is the best paper filing system I have ever encountered which is why I sell it on this website.

      It is self-purging, rotating filing that uses color coding and time sensitivity so it helps you know when to get rid of and how long to hold onto important papers.

      You can read more at this link

  2. Betty819 says:

    Gosh, if my family would look in the refrigerator and see all that food, first question they would ask would be “Who’s coming to dinner” or “Where did all this food come from?” LOL!
    With only my husband and I here now, we tend to stock only what we know we will use. It means more trips to grocery store but storage space is limited and we don’t entertain like we used to anymore..for various reasons that I won’t go into now.
    I used to have a dear friend that wrote the date she purchased a food item for her pantry on the top of the box or package. When she would buy canned goods especially, she would always reach for the oldest cans to use them up first. Same way with boxed cake mixes, pastas, boxed potatoes,etc.

    She has passed away over 15 years ago but I still think of her often and try to put flowers on hers and her husband’s gravesites on special holidays if weather permits. I learned a lot from her.

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