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I am not sure if I am a spring or summer, I have a fairly neutral skin tone when buying makeup the yellow undertone is too yellow and the pink too pink. I am a little over 50, my hair is now a drab darker blond (when having it colored I like golden accents the best) I never know if a white or off-white blouse looks best on me. I have had more compliments on a peachy pink sweater I wear and turquoise.

Thanks for your help!

Karen Doutre

Hi Karen,

Don’t feel too badly, Springs and summers are the most difficult seasons for me to decipher. It is fantastic that you pay attention to the comments you receive about the different outfits and colors as you wear them. Honest and spur of the moment comments are very indicative of what you should and should not be wearing. Even though people typically do not know why a color looks good on you, they do know that it does indeed look good. They don’t really need to know why.

It is unfortunate (maybe, depending on our confidence level) that we receive less feedback when we wear colors that are not right for us. If you listen closely though, you can hear negative feedback as well. It usually sounds like this, “Are you feeling OK? Are you tired? Didn’t you get much sleep last night” If you receive these remarks and you feel fine, it is probably a result of wearing the wrong colors for your complexion, hair and eyes. The wrong colors will make you look washed out and tired.

There are a few rules of thumb used by industry experts. They go like this:
1. If your veins are blue toned, you are probably a Summer complexion. Summers also typically have blue skin undertones that might appear pink.
2. If your veins are green toned, you are probably a Spring complexion.

Summer palettes wil usually begin life as a blonde and turn brown (either light brown or darker ash brown) as they mature. Eye colors will run the gamut from green, blue, soft hazel, aqua or grey. Summer complexions look best in soft greys, navy and deep lavenders.

Spring complexions typically have golden blonde hair and green eyes. Springs look best in colors that are clear, golden and warm. Deep chocolate brown and ivory are the best choices to avoid wearing black or pure white.

Can you now guess your complexion? If you want to explore a new concept in color, check out the new book Life in Color written by industry experts Jesse Garza and Joe Lupo. They provide a fresh approach to color analysis with new palettes called Sun, Moon Earth and Star. This book also will help you determine your style type be it, classic, chic, avant-garde, whimsical or bohemian. This is a very enlightening and fun book! To order a copy or learn more. [ Life in Color by Jesse Garcia and Joe Lupo ]

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