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The Art of Finding Lost Things Becomes Easier with Less Clutter

I recently came across an article that talked a bit about clutter in a new way.

It put a smile n my face when Findologist Michael Solomon stated that there is nothing in your life that is lost, or no missing objects, simply an unsystematic search and/or clutter.

The art of not losing things within your life is to have a designated ‘home’ for everything. I am sure you have heard the phrase – ‘everything should have a home with a ‘yard’ around it’.

In case you are wondering what the ‘yard’ around it means, think of it this way; I you create a designated place for an object and it only fits that object, what happens when you add a second similar object?

Your system breaks down, right?

So having a ‘yard’ around each designated home will allow you room to grow because, let’s face it, we always grow and add more objects to our homes!

Also there is a great explanation of “The Camouflage Effect” and how to eliminate searching and not finding your lost objects!

Read more within this article, It will and make you smile and begin to feel less frantic when the day happens that you really cant find that super important item that you know you just saw!


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Clearing clutter using feng shui

Feng Shui

Dear Kathi,

I am really interested in clearing my clutter for better feng shui in my home. Do you have any details about how this will affect my space (so that I can answer my husband’s questions) and also, what I should do to start?

Angel, San Marcos


This is an interesting question. Many people ask about how to perform feng shui with their space and clear clutter at the same time. Let’s start with what clutter really is and how it affects your living environment.

There are basically four types of clutter which all affect the feng shui (or energetics) of your space:
(1) Things you do not use or love,
(2) Untidy or disorganized items,
(3) Too many items in a small space, and
(4) Any unfinished project.

As you can see, there is more to clutter than physical objects. The last category, anything left unfinished, is the hardest to see, therefore, the easiest category to ignore. According to feng shui principals, things not dealt with in your home reflect issues not dealt with in your life. These items are a constant drain on your psyche, always lurking in the back of your mind. Your conscious mind will suppress them for you but uses a lot of energy to do so. Your energy and vitality will soar if you will complete all of your unfinished business.

Things that you do not use or love are common elements in a cluttered home. The question to ask yourself as you begin to clear each object is: Why do I hold onto this item-guilt or a memory? You will not lose a memory simply because the related item is gone. As far as guilt goes… if you knew the extent of feng shui damage that these items have on your life, you would be much more willing to let them go. Feeling guilty for releasing certain items says something about your own personal self-talk, and you may want to explore why you feel obligated to remain living with things that no longer serve you.

Untidiness and disorganization result from a lack of attention or carelessness. Is your environment not worth keeping orderly and clean? Think of it this way, your environment is an extension of your own personal energy. Is your physical appearance also disheveled or not put together? This is a case I see frequently. We clean out the living environment and suddenly, the outward appearance of the person changes. Shortly after this comes elevated self-confidence and mastery.

Too many items in a small space is a common phenomenon, especially for those of us in Southern California. Most of us live in smaller spaces than we grew up in. This can be a really great thing if we have learned to streamline and simplify our lives. Or creating clutter can be a hazard if we are not able to release enough items to fit into our new space with room to spare. I’m in strong agreement with the authors of Chic Simple, that the quality of life comes not in accumulating things but in paring down to the essentials. This is why I have named this column and my company AddSpace To Your Life! Open space is necessary for good metal health.

Tell your husband that having empty space and order in your environment allow energy to flow and new beginnings to occur. I’m sure that whoever you are, you will most probably welcome new happenings in your life. This, along with new thought patterns and experiences in your home, will be your due reward for clearing clutter and creating better feng shui in your environment.

Thanks for writing and don’t hesitate to write with any other specific questions.

Please submit your questions to: advice@addspacetoyourlife.com

San Diego Professional Organizer

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Clutter Follows the Law of Attraction

If you have studied the Law of Attraction, you have probably figured out that it affects everything in your life, sadly also including clutter!

For those of you who are not familiar with this universal law, it goes like this: like begets like. Or said another way, similar things, thoughts, or people are attracted to each other.

So in every home, a small amount of clutter will attract another small piece of clutter with little, or absolutely no, effort on your part. Think about the shirt that was left lying on the floor by the bed. I would wager that if it is not picked up within a few hours, the next day more clothing items will have piled up and jumped into the party!

This is why, as  Professional Organizer I frequently say, guard your space with your life! Keep things vertical and out of piles because clutter is a major attractor magnet. If your clothes are hung up, for instance, the likelihood that they will attract more clutter around them is much less than if they are lying on a table, floor, dressertop or any other horizontal surface.

So, the moral to this story is this: do not let things pile up around you. You can keep clutter away by simply checking each surface (including the floor!) as you move about your home. Take the time to return items to their designated ‘home’ after every use.

Remember: a task is not done until all tools and materials are put away. This includes taking off your clothes each night. Decide right then, are they clean or dirty? If clean, put them back into the closet or dresser drawer. If they are dirty, toss them into the hamper. Don’t get stuck with the idea that they are only halfway dirty. With this attitude, they can’t be hung up or tossed into the hamper and inevitably become part of the pile problem. So, make a decision, clean or dirty and take action!

Once you get into this habit in your home, clutter’s law of attraction will be stifled and you will be one step closer to mastering the Law of Attraction!

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