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Letting Go of Clothes

Dear Kathi,

My closet is full of clothes that I don’t want to wear but can’t seem to part with. How can I get rid of these clothes without feeling like I am being disrespectful to them by throwing them out? I have worked really hard to buy these clothes and wish I could justify removing them from my closet.

Tricia, San Marcos


It’s time to let go of the mistakes in your closet. It is a disservice to yourself to keep unwanted and unworn clothing in your possession. The most respectful thing is to give them to others less fortunate by donating them to a local charity.

We’ve all done it at one time or another – purchased something
expensive on a whim only to change our mind later. Most of us also have the “other” clothes that just didn’t work out like we thought they would.
Rather than letting these unworn mistakes hang in the closet as reminders that stir up guilt and regret, just let them go. Walk over right now, pull them off the hanger, and give them away.

You will be sending them on their way to others less fortunate and
they will finally stop costing you in space, time and anguish. Release and let go. There truly is no time better than the present to add space to your life.

Kathi is a professional organizer, image consultant and event planner based in San Diego California.

Please submit your questions to: advice@addspacetoyourlife.com

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Daily tip #6: Ditch the “skinny” clothes

Clutter happens when your life changes and you are not really ready for it. Holding onto the past is a big clutter culprit. Not only might your closet be dysfunctional, it can squelch your spirit.

For example, If your body has changed and you are still holding onto your “skinny” clothes, your closet is probably dysfunctional and bulging at the seams. 2013 is time to let those old skinny clothes go.

Clothes that are too small and still hanging around in your closet can cause anxiety, depression and feelings of low self esteem. If you truly want to get back into your skinny clothes, ditch all of the old ones except maybe your favorite pair of jeans (to use as a litmus test) and keep only the clothes that fit you now in your closet. Try it! wearing clothes that fit perfectly, no matter what your size is now, boosts your self esteem and happiness factor which, in turn, promotes greater will power to get back down to your ” skinny” size if you decide later on that it really is still important!

Ok, so now I know what might be going through your head as you read this “what if I do lose the weight and then have nothing to wear”. What about all of the money I will be wasting? Think about it, if and when you do get down to your old skinny size, do you really want to pull out those old clothes as your reward? Probably not, you will want to celebrate your new slim self with new clothes. Right? So go ahead, chuck the old clothes that no longer fit your body, undersized or oversize, they just don’t deserve any space within your closet.

Click here for more tips on shopping for your size…

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10 Ways to Turn Your Bedroom from Clutter Filled to Designer Chic

10 Ways to Turn Your Bedroom from Clutter Filled to Designer Chic

It’s easy for a bedroom to become disorganized. As one of the most lived-in rooms in the house, it is a natural magnet for all types of paper, books, toys, and knick-knacks. Since your bedroom is where you sleep, it’s important you keep it as neat as possible to encourage relaxation at night.

Arrange the Clothing in Your Closet
Your closet was not designed to be a refuge for every article of clothing you have ever owned. Go through your closet and remove anything you haven’t worn in the last year. With the exception of some types of formal wear, if you haven’t worn it in the last 12 months you probably won’t wear it in the next 12 months. Donate the clothes to a charity, and make room in your closet so you can find what you’re looking for quickly and easily.

Reorganize Your Drawers
It’s so much easier to shove an article of clothing in the back of a drawer than decide whether or not to keep it. If your drawers are so packed that you can’t find what you need when you need it, then it is time to weed out clothing you don’t wear. This goes double for items you don’t wear because they are stained, don’t fit, or don’t look good on you.

Take Advantage of the Space Under Your Bed
Evict the boogieman and put a few large plastic storage bins under your bed. Choose wheeled bins for easy access. Storage bins are ideal for items you use infrequently, like uncomfortable shoes.

Use Baskets
Baskets are a good way to make your bedroom look neat quickly. A laundry basket is a must, and so much better than a pile of clothing on the floor. Put a wastebasket next to your nightstand so you can easily throw out tissues and other bits of garbage.

Hang Art
Don’t clutter every surface with framed photos. Instead, hang your photos in small groups around the room and free up your tabletop space.

Put Things in the Right Room
If your bedroom has become home to wayward items that belong in the playroom or garage, then put them where they belong.

Get a Covered Desk
If your desk is in your bedroom, it’s easy to get sidetracked by work at bedtime. To prevent this, invest in a desk with a solid cover to prevent you from being distracted by work at the wrong time.

Use a Shoe Tree
Organize shoes on a hanging shoe tree in your closet. This frees up floor space and makes it easy to find shoes when you need them.

Put Personal Care Items on a Vanity
Vanities are a convenient way to keep your personal care items organized. A bath vanity can go in the master bathroom or in your bedroom.

Clear Your Nightstand
Keep your nightstand free of anything you will not use immediately before bed or upon arising. For most people, that means having only one book, a clock, a bottle of water, and a box of tissues.

Miguel Salcido is an avid blogger, father of 2, and recent proud homeowner. He loves studying architecture and home design and decor and plans to one day buy a custom house plan to build his dream home.

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What to wear with wide hips and long legs

Dear Kathi,

I am ready to clean out my closet and get rid of a lot of my clothes. I would like to create a new wardrobe that is better for my body type. I am wide at the hips and have really long legs. What type of slacks should I purchase?

Kristin, Encinitas


You should always try to create an elongating line over your torso. You can do this by wearing tops that fall below your hips with vertical lines. These lines will slim your hips and can be found designed into the seaming or literally in stripes woven into the fabric. Never wear horizontal details across your hips. Choose slacks that are cut wide at the bottom, either boot cut or flared, never straight-legs. The wider width at the bottom of your figure will offset the width of your hip area. Avoid wearing clunky, chunky shoes. Finish off the bottom half of your outfit with narrow, streamlined shoes. Pointy shoes look fabulous with wide pants. Keep an open mind if you haven’t tried them yet. There are many comfort styles now on the market where the point starts after your toe ends. The best pant style for most body types, and yours in particular, is flat front, no pockets and a side zipper. Avoid pleats, back flap and side slit pockets. These details will pucker and pooch in the areas you want to de-emphasize. Have fun shopping and take a friend or image consultant with you. It always helps to have another set of eyes on your backside when you purchase slacks!

Kathi is a professional organizer, image consultant and event planner based in San Diego California.

Please submit your questions to: advice@addspacetoyourlife.com

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How an Ikea closet system can turn a small closet into big storage

This is what you can do with the Ikea ready made self standing closet system. It looks small on the outside, but inside it provides tons of storage. Here is what my friend does with hers. She is amazingly organized and could be a professional organizer herself!

As you can see, she has included high/low hanging rods in one part of the closet, and on the other side she has included enough drawers to house her large shoe collection. She has her boots lined up one in front of the other instead of side by side, which is really smart because she can see more pairs of boots at a glance. Very ingenious!

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How to downsize your wardrobe

Do you have too many clothes and nowhere to store them? If your clothes are spilling out of your closet, or if they don’t fit or you just don’t wear them, they are muck! Master your clothing muck and learn how to purge what you don’t need.

Passing your gently worn clothing on to someone who needs it feels much better than holding on to clothes you will never wear. By donating goods to others, you will not only add space to your closet, you will also receive good in return. What goes around comes around, so pass those clothes around and see what comes back!

One easy way to see which clothes you could do without is the reverse hanger trick: Turn all the clothes hanging in your closet so that the hangers face back-to-front. When you wear an item of clothing, return it to the closet with the hanger facing the correct way.  After a few months, you’ll see which items you could easily live without.

Learn more tips on downsizing your wardrobe here and here.

What is your muck? Learn how to master it!

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How to Master the Muck in Your Kitchen

This weekend television news interview was filmed in 2009 on CBS / WTSP in Tampa Bay. When it comes to kitchen clutter and organizing tactics, this might help you let go of (more…)

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Vertical Jewelry Organizing

Back of the Door Earring Organizer


This jewelry collection used to live in boxes within drawers. It took all of the fun out of getting dressed and far too much time because the owner had to pry open boxes every day and search for what she needed.


To add to this predicament,  my client is a news anchor so she has to accessorize her outfits every day. It is also very important that she keeps her accessories rotating. She does not want to wear the same items over and over again within the same month.


Vertical, back of the door jewelry pouches! This solution was perfect because it did not take up any additional space.  All of her jewelry, except the most expensive, now hangs on the back of her closet doors!

She keeps tabs on which jewelry she wears and continues down the row the next day. Her outfits are in matched rotation and tandem with her accessories and her necklaces are paired in rotation with her earrings. Getting dressed for work is now a snap for this very busy anchorwoman!

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Do you have any old gowns, shoes, jewelry, purses, wraps to donate?

A colleague, Leigh Ernst, is collecting gowns, shoes, jewelry and clutches for women to attend the 5th annual Marine Corp Ball in style.

Leigh is not involved in the military in any way, but at church it touched her heart about how grateful the girls were who received dresses to wear last year that could not afford to buy a dress or go to the ball….Kind of a Cinderella story.

They were literally in tears as they “shopped “among the donated items. Many girls were shocked that there were actually dresses in their size.

It is an easy thing to do to clear these items from your closet and ADD SPACE!! (a gift to yourself!)

If you can help out…please bring or mail your items to Leigh and she will make sure they get to the girls in time for the Ball scheduled for October 3rd. She said that dresses are arriving daily from all across the US. This is the perfect opportunity for you to dig into your closet and pass on your good to others but you need to do it this week!

Mail or drop off your evening gowns and accessories before September 27th to:

Leigh Ernst

4659 Telescope Ave. Carlsbad, CA  92008



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How to Organize Your Master Closet – Fox 5 News

Organizing Your Master Closet

Organizing your master closet will make getting dressed in the morning easy if you first determine how you decide what you will wear each day.

For instance, I start choosing what to wear by determining what the temperature is going to be that day. With that in mind, I start putting together an outfit based on sleeve length. I tend to run cold and still have Florida blood in me, so it is all about how cold it might be that day. This helps me decide if I am going to wear sleeveless, short, mid or long sleeve shirts.

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