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California Casual Business Attire is Still Professional

Office Appropriate Look

Hi Kathi,

I do not wear any makeup and have long hair. Is there a minimum amount of makeup that is considered appropriate (i.e. lipstick, mascara, etc)?

I have also noticed professional women tend to have short hair.  My hair is always clean and tidy, but I’m not sure (more…)

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Dressing for Success – There is Life After Kids

Dressing After Kids

Everyone reaches milestones where their lives change forever. Babies arrive, schedules become hectic and budgets get tight. Dressing yourself becomes low priority, and there is temptation to wear those sweats and pajama tops forever! Having kids can change your body shape drastically, and aging also has its effects. Getting to know the new you and relearning how to dress stylishly can be easier if you follow a few simple rules. Whether you are a stay at home mom or a high powered business woman, you can (more…)

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Some Simple Guidelines For Men’s Fashion


Looking your best isn’t hard if you follow a few simple guidelines. The man of today is concerned about his appearance – many people judge you by the image you present to the world. (more…)

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Lupita Nyong’o looks radiant in teal

Lupita Nyongo in teal

Lupita Ngony’o wore a stunning teal Gucci dress to the SAG Awards this year. This is a perfect example of how gorgeous bright colors can look on darker skin tones. She also pulls off matching teal eyeshadow without looking overdone or too matchy. If you have dark skin, you may find that you can easily pull off bold colors that might overwhelm other people’s complexions. The key is finding colors that complement your skintone and make you look healthy and radiant, rather than washing you out.

No matter how light or dark your features are, you are most likely either ‘cool’ or ‘warm’ toned, and will find these colors complement you accordingly. The easiest way to determine this is to pull your hair away from your face, take off any makeup or jewely, and drape colored cloth around your face to see which colors make you look healthy and radiant, and which colors make you look washed out, grey, or sickly. You may want to enlist a friend or family member to help. Try colors like silver (cool) vs. gold (warm). Or a bright orangey red (warm) vs. magenta or violet (cool). Try bright crisp white (cool) vs. ivory or offwhite (warm). With enough tries, you should get a feel for whether you are warm or cool toned based on which colors really brighten up your features. Here’s a guide to warm and cool colors that should help:

Warm and Cool colors

Once you determine whether you are warm or cool toned, try experimenting with bright, bold colors when shopping for tops, dresses, makeup, and statement jewelry. If you have dark skin, you may find your features really come alive and your skin looks radiant and glowing in bright, saturated tones of your best colors.

Celebrities in Bright Lipcolors

Keep an eye out for celebrities and models who share similar coloring to you and also look their best in these same colors. You can then do an image search for that person and see what they wore to different events. Celebrities have some of the best stylists and makeup artists working for them, especially for red carpet events. Take advantage of the work they’ve done to make this celebrity look their best, and try to replicate aspects of their look that you think works well for them.

Lupita Ngony'o Makeup

If you’re lucky enough to have similar coloring to Lupita, you’ve got a treasure trove of gorgeous looks to be inspired by. Keep an eye on this beautiful woman because she is consistently knocking it out of the park!

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Image makeovers


So you invested in a personal trainer to get your body in top condition. Now it’s time for the next step. Once your body has been given a makeover, it’s time to do the same for your image, and the person who can do that for you is a professional image consultant.

A top-flight image consultant can work her magic to make you look and feel your very best. She’ll upgrade your wardrobe and make sure that your clothes, hair and make-up all work together to create an image that will stop people in their tracks. When it comes to your wardrobe, the key is to find what clothes best fit your body size, shape and coloring. Everybody has some aspects of their body that they’re in love with, and others that they’re not on speaking terms with. A good image consultant will help you find ways to show off the things you love about your body and hide those things that you’re not so crazy about.

Did you know that most people only wear 20% of the clothes in their closet? That’s a pretty big waste of money. Your consultant will start by going through your closet and selecting those items that will make the folks at the Goodwill store very happy. She’ll also help you rehabilitate those clothes in your closet that will fit your new image, but have been neglected because they are in disrepair. It’s amazing what a good tailor or dry cleaner can do to bring your clothes back to life!

Then, after meeting with you and evaluating what kind of clothes are needed to create your new image, she’ll design a color palette best suited to you. Then it’s time for the fun part. It’s time to go shopping! She’ll help you choose pieces that you can mix-and-match to make an endless variety of stunning outfits for the new you. Once you’ve got the new wardrobe, she’ll guide you to other specialists who will make sure that your hair and make-up complete your new image. If need be, she’ll even help you with your optical needs.

Once armed with all your new knowledge, you’ll be ready to make much better decisions when shopping in the future. You’ll actually save money in the long run by getting your money’s worth out of each article of clothing, each accessory, and your make-up collection. An image consultant will not only help create a new stunning version of you, but she’ll prove to be one of the best investments you ever made in yourself.
by Kathi Burns – addSpace To Your Life!TM,
a Professional Organizing and Image Consulting Agency
Want to get better organized and look your best?
Get more quick tips by visiting the addSpace To Your Life!TM website.
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Dressing for your body type

Plus Size Fashion

Dear Kathi,

Help! I lack any sort of fashion sense. I am lost about knowing how to dress now that I’ve gained weight. I would like to feel more confident & feel that I would be treated better by others if I looked more put together.

I would like to update my wardrobe and find clothes that flatter. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

San Diego

Dear Anon,

Most people who gain weight experience the same sense of uneasiness with their image. Frequently they also fall into the habit of buying clothes that are two sizes too big, the idea being that wearing oversize clothing will camouflage their extra large body underneath. This tactic actually has the opposite effect! Never fear. There are some tricks of the trade that you can painlessly employ to boost your image.

First let’s attack the oversize clothes strategy: wearing clothes that are too big for you makes you appear larger than you really are, not smaller. Embrace the size that you are at this moment and wear clothes that actually fit. Choose clothes that skim your body shape and emphasize your natural curves. “Skim,” never “cling.” (Don’t sport bulges.) At the same time choose clothes that follow your natural body shape. A great secret weapon is a close fitting top/sweater underneath a larger shirt or shirt jacket.

Shirt jackets are worth their weight in gold. A shirt jacket is a very structured blouse with vertical seaming, sometimes princess cut and often with empire seams under the breast line. It hides the bulges underneath and at the same time offers tailored lines for a more “put together” look.

One-button structured blazers provide the same effect. Buy a jacket with a button that hits you at your natural waistline. This immediately enhances your waist by bringing in the lines at your natural narrow point. Even if yours is a larger waistline than you prefer, this will provide the illusion of a nice curvy shape.

We all have one body part that is our best feature. We need to emphasize that part of our body. If it is a nice neckline, wear scoop neck blouses. If your legs are like a tall drink of water, show them off! For crystal blue eyes, bring the focus to your face.

Proper color, clothing cuts, and accessories and will focus attention on your best asset. Wear the brighter colors by the feature you wish to highlight and darker colors in the other areas. People’s eyes are automatically drawn to brighter colors, so their focus will be lead to to that area. You can do the same thing with accessories. If possible, wear interesting jewelry and scarves in the area that you wish to attract attention.

In counterpoint, do not showcase or accessorize areas that you wish to hide. There is nothing worse than seeing leg bulges under mini skirts or scoop necks where there are excessive wrinkles or sleeveless tops with large wobbly underarms. I’m sure you’ve noticed the most current faux pas: very tight light colored slacks with metallic designs directly over the widest area of the body. You get the drift.

In summary, pay attention to your best asset and please wear clothes that fit. Don’t try to hide under a tent. You will only emphasize your weight gain. Have fun and remember, looking good and put together is as much related to confidence as it is to true good looks. If that were not the case, many of us would be in BIG trouble!
Thanks for writing and don’t hesitate to write with any other specific questions.

Please submit your questions to: advice@addspacetoyourlife.com

San Diego Professional Organizer

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Fashion for pregnancy

Dear Kathi,

I am four months pregnant and no longer fit into my largest clothes. I need to buy new clothes but I don’t really know the best items to buy. I am a size 14 when I’m not pregnant. I would like to feel pretty, sexy and not simply “big as a house” while I am pregnant. What can you suggest?

Dawn, Cardiff by the Sea


Shirts and dresses with empire seams just below the breast are very feminine. They are snug on top with extra room for growth below.

Try an A-line style dress. A-lines generally fit snug around the breast and flare out at the bottom. You don’t necessarily need to buy a maternity cut, simply buy it longer than usual so that the front hemline doesn’t become too short as your belly expands.
There are currently many India inspired tunic tops on the market that will expand as you grow. Pair these long tunic blouses with wide leg slacks or pencil skirts with elastic waistbands. Buy these separates in sizes 16, 18 or XXL and you should be able to wear them throughout your pregnancy.

You can also combine a long snug fitting T-shirt or tank top with the popular gauze tiered skirts for a romantic and relaxed style.
A good style for work is a long jersey tunic over a matching long skirt. It’s easy to wear, not too restrictive and fine for formal and informal offices. Add strappy sandals and glitzy earrings and you have a comfortable evening outfit.

If you can’t find decent maternity slacks, simply step up a size as you grow. Cropped pants look nice for the summer months and are more forgiving than shorts during pregnancy.

Speaking of the summer, when you need to go swimming, you can combine your bikini bottoms with a large but snug T-shirt. Don’t be afraid to show a little belly. The pregnant belly has made a comeback in fashion catalog’s.
Pregnant bellies are now considered sexy. This is a time in your life where you can gain weight and be proud of it. Have fun sporting a big round belly and enjoy feeling feminine and sexy!

Please submit your questions to: advice@addspacetoyourlife.com

San Diego Professional Organizer

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Kid’s Clothes and Cluttered Closets

Have you ever battled to get your fashionista daughter dressed and out the door in time for school? In a recent interview with Woman’s Day Magazine, I was asked for a few tips to get the frenzied mom and kids out of the door in the morning in a more harmonious way.

Too many clothes  combined with a fashion oriented child makes for a slow ‘getting out the door and off to school’ morning process. I recently received a new product sample that can definitely help with this challenge. It does take pre-planning BUT, just like any other organizing tacticthe time you spend pre-planning each weekend  will pay off in spades throughout the week.

This is how it can work: Every Sunday night, you and your fashion savvy child can select and accessorize (of course!) outfits for the entire week. One for each day! The Organizables Team has created cool hanging bags that will keep every choice for each day contained and waiting for the morning routine, including shoes, socks, and accessories!

Not only will your morning routine go faster, your endless arguments about fashion will be consolidated into one day, the day you decide together what to select for school attire. Additionally, the closet will be less cluttered and chaotic. Purging at the end of each school year will also take less effort because you will be much more aware of what was actually worn throughout the year! Each bag is marked with the day of the week – Monday through Friday. Each bag also has two pockets to hold the small accessories for each outfit including undies, socks, and shoes.

These bags can also be folded up and used as travel bags to keep overnight weekend trips and family vacations better organized. You can get a set for each child. The boys set comes in blue. You can find these bags online at www.Organizables.com.

So, once again the moral to this story is, a little pre-planning with the proper tools will keep your better organized and less stressed as you proceed throughout the week. If you want to read more solutions to get you out the door faster from my Woman’s Day Article, click here!




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Horsewoman Takes a Ride into Style! How to Create Curves on a Long and Lean Shape


This client flew in from Canada to update her wardrobe. She is a horsewoman who was used to wearing oversize sweaters and faded jeans with mucky boots because of her hobby and the cold climate.

She traveled frequently and was tired of feeling frumpy and under (more…)

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Jewelry Trends for this Season

Tis the season to layer multiple necklaces and wear bold chunky earrings. With cool weather and sweaters, layered necklaces help balance the (more…)

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