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Organizing Tips and Tricks For Hosting a Party

Summertime is the perfect season to host outdoor parties and BBQ’s.


Throwing a party is not difficult but planning a party that will impress your guests is not that easy. Wouldn’t it be fantastic to throw a party that keeps everyone talking even after years to come?

With a small bit of pre-planning, your parties can be organized, fun and easy with a minimal amount of stress.

So here are a few organizing tips to get ready for a fun party.

1. Decide what type of party makes the most sense for you and your budget. For instance, will you provide all food and beverages or do you want to ask guests to participate?

The easiest party to organize quickly is to host a potluck where you ask each guest to bring a dish to add to the table.

Or, if you have the menu planned and don’t mind cooking or catering the food, you could also ask your guests to bring their favorite beverage.

If you need to save time or money, both of these strategies will help!

2. Another important consideration is your venue. Is this a backyard party or will you host it off-site in a park or another setting?

Whatever location you choose you will need sufficient tables and chairs as well as a toilet facility close by.

If you choose a park, you can ask your guests to bring their own lawn chairs or picnic blankets.

You will need to make sure that you have a fold-up table to hold the food if there isn’t one on site. If you are using a park table, make sure to bring along a tablecloth to cover the surface.

Having the party in your backyard, makes it much easier to supply all of  the food, beverages and utensils.

Speaking of utensils, plastic ware saves time during cleanup but does have an adverse impact on the environment. Consider using bamboo flatware.If you want to learn more, click here.

3. Double check your guest list for food restrictions. Is anyone on your list on a restricted diet? If you have vegetarians or gluten-free guests, make sure to provide those options when planning your menu or at least discuss what they need before you finalize your menu.

One of my friends has such a limited list of acceptable foods that she can eat, she simply brings her own food to our parties. Whatever happens with your guest list, make sure to find out in advance of there are any allergies or food concerns that you should be aware of.

The process for creating memorable, stress-free parties gets easier as you develop your own party-hosting style. The main reason we have parties is to have fun with friends and family so ‘ stress too much. Plan a little in advance and you are on your way!

For more great tips about planning your outdoor party, click here.


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Go Green With Your Party Utensils

Using plastic products for your next party might save you time but it will create a lot of unnecessary waste. Here are a few alternative ideas to ‘green’ your party:

Consider using bamboo flatware in leiu of the typical plastic ware. Unlike plastic dinner ware, bamboo is biodegradable. It is also environmentally sustainable. Bamboo grows super quick and has been called ‘poor mans lumber’ growing up to two feet per day. You can toss it into the trash at the end of the party just like your plasticware except it will actually help the earth when it hits the landfill!

If you dont want to throw it out, you can simply immerse the utensils in soapy water, clean them and let them air dry for the next party. They will last for several events!



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Paper Napkins at Your Party? Go Green Instead

Go green and add more class to your party with linens!

Skip paper napkins and tacky paper tablecloths that blow off on outdoor tables while you aren’t not looking. Use linen / fabric napkins and tablecloths instead.

Nothing sets the stage for a luxurious party more than fabric napkins and tablecloths. I love using fabric napkins and know that my guests feel more pampered too!

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