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Five Dressing Tips for a Holiday Get-Together

Five Dressing Tips for a Holiday Get-Together

If you are set on wearing red and green during the holidays, try these tips to make sure you don’t get mistaken for one of Santa’s little (more…)

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Colored Tubs for Holiday Decor – Get Them Now

This is the time to get your colored holiday tubs. They come in red and green, and it’s a perfect way to store your Christmas decor. The great things about tub is they are an agreement with yourself about how much holiday stuff you really need. So if you decide that you’re going to have 4 tubs, 4 tubs is what you get for holiday decorations.


Tubs also make it easy for your helper elf to pull them down every year when it is time. You and your helper elf (who might not be able to see the forest through the trees at times, just saying!) can easily see which tubs you need when they are red and green and will probably pull the right ones down for you with this extra help.

Notice I said pull them ‘down’? The best place to store holiday decor that you use once a year is up high and out of the way. Preferably in the garage, attic or basement. This way, it is literally not in your way for the 11 months that you don’t need them!

As an aside, if you are like me and LOVE to decorate, it pays to buy colored tubs for each holiday. They are typically in stock and in stores 2-3 weeks before each holiday and then they disappear, so grab them when you can!

I have orange and black tubs to store my fall decor, which hold both Haloween and Thanksgiving. I store these holidays together and it makes an easy transition since the dates fall so closely together.

I also have pink and purple bins for my spring decor. I store Easter and St Pats day decorations in these.

With this bin strategy, I only have to pull bins 3 times a year, spring, fall and winter. It works really well for me.

If you already have bins but they are not color coded, you can always use tape. Buy tape that has the proper colors or images for each season and run the tape all of the way around each bin so that it is visible on all sides. Again, you can buy seasonal tape during each season. I did this for a few years for my spring collection until I found the perfect bins!

Do you have any other holiday decor tips that you use that you can share with us? If so, please submit your ideas, tips and strategies in the comment box below!

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Clear the Clutter Before the Holidays

As a child the holiday season seems so magical. Houses are decorated, there’s always amazing food everywhere, visitors stop by from all corners of the world, and everyone is happy – except for the person in charge of making sure the holidays go off without a hitch.

That person is generally the primary caretaker of the family and he or she has a lot to do to make the home holiday-ready. As tempting as it may be to shove everything that isn’t aesthetically pleasing under the bed or in a closet, cutting the clutter is what really needs to happen.

The following things help make sure that your home, family, and mind are free of clutter and ready for the holidays.

Start Sorting Out the Clutter

Begin with what’s most important. If you know that guests will be staying at your house overnight or, God help you, longer, and your spare room is a catch-all for all the random things in your life, start with that room. Sort through the room and make three piles: one to keep, one to throw out, and one to give away.

Toss the trash out that day. If time allows, drop off the other pile at a thrift store, or at least get it in the trunk of your car. If you don’t have the time to put away all of the items you’d like to keep, store them in a container and stack it neatly in the closet, basement, attic or garage so that it is out of the way, but not adding to the clutter.

Once the clutter is removed from a spare room (or rooms), tidy things up so it is fresh for guests. Then close the door and pretend that room doesn’t exist until guests arrive.

He Sees You When You’re Cleaning

The next to think about are the areas that are going to be the most visited during holiday get-togethers. This generally involves the kitchen, dining, and family rooms. Take a look around these rooms and identify items that are either used infrequently or not at all and remove the items. That doesn’t mean the items have to be discarded or thrown out, but they should be stored in an area where they won’t get in the way of holiday entertainment.

Other areas that need to get free of clutter before the holidays include the refrigerator, cupboards, and closets.

The refrigerator gets a lot of abuse during the holiday season as it is the go-to place for storing large platters, eggnog, grab-and-go foods for guests, and all the necessary ingredients for a Christmas meal. Before you’re faced with the task of cramming yet another dish into the fridge, take some time to go through and get rid of unnecessary food items. You might be surprised by what you find.

The same goes for cupboards and the pantry. Plus, when you clean out these areas, you might find canned goods that can be donated to those in need.

Clear Your Mind and Clear Your Home

As for the last, and perhaps most important thing that needs de-cluttered before the holidays, well, that’s your mind.

Don’t be afraid to schedule a massage, spend a day at the spa or on the golf course, or do something that helps you de-stress and clear your mind. After all, the holiday season isn’t about being stressed; it’s about spending time with family and friends and enjoying one another’s company.


Dana Rasmussen writes about ways to organize your home, office, and life on sites like Reputation.com.




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Beat the Holiday Stress and Try a Different Strategy This Year!!

If you are feeling overwhelmed by all of the tasks on your holiday list, lighten up with these tips from Kathi on NBC 7/39 News.

Consider not mailing holiday cards (saves trees) or at least doing it a bit differently this year. Professional Organizer, Kathi Burns provides tips to keep your stress levels down during this holiday season.

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Need any holiday organzing tips this year?

Let me know how I can help you get organized and energized as the holidays approach. Drop me a line and I will write an answer with a tip created especially for you!

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Garage Becomes a TV Lounge, Play and Craftsroom


This garage was used for watching tv, working on crafts, and an extra playroom. At the same time, it had to be used to store the usual garage items including holiday décor, extra entertaining supplies, etc.


In the beginning there was no storage in this garage, only some assorted furniture, TV and a desk. As with many garage conversions, this space had to accommodate many different types of activities and serve as a comfortable retreat /playroom for the two boys and a space for mom and sons to create craft projects and read.


My client had wall-to-wall cabinets installed along the longest side of the garage without windows. The cabinets made it possible to create order with the deep freeze storage items like holiday décor and also made a place for sporting equipment and extra entertaining items to live while not in use.

I shifted furniture around to create zones for each type of activity. The desk was moved to the back wall so that all craft supplies were in the same zone with small table and chairs positioned for action.

The lateral file cabinet was moved next to the door into the house as this contained the permanent family records.

The large cube shelf was moved behind the couch to create division between storage and TV zone. All extra toys were grouped together ‘like with like’ and stored in baskets behind the couch. As the boys decided to play with different activities, they brought out one basket at a time and learned to put the first one away between activities to keep chaos at bay.

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Holiday Organizing Binders Help You Keep It All Together

Create a Holiday Organizing Binder – If you are constantly under the gun and can’t find your list or lists for gifts, party snacks, favorite recipes, travel itineraries or necessary addresses, you might want to make a simple three ring binder to keep your act together.

Holiday card list with addresses

Gift tracking lists

Favorite holiday recipes with ingredients lists

Travel Itineraries

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Ditch your holiday shopping tasks and delegate!

Would you like me to do your holiday shopping for you? Stop pinching yourself; I mean it!

If the idea of hitting the malls with all the chaos, parking lot nightmares and over-stimulation is enough to put you over the edge, fear not, for I have a solution for you. I will take your list, look for deals and check it twice and arrive back with your presents in hand. I can even gift wrap if you hate that task too. Believe it or not, I love to shop! Shopping and wrapping beautiful gifts makes me happy!!! If you live in San Diego or South Orange County and are dreading this task, call me for more details. 760.840.9997.

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Holiday Gifts That Won’t Add Clutter

Consider buying gifts that won’t contribute to your friend’s clutter. I think we have all experienced the challenge of trying to find a gift for our friends who seem to have everything.

The gift ideas below save you time in the mall and work well for your friends that have everything or simply don’t have the room for any additional possessions. (more…)

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Organizing Makes a Thoughtful, Eco-friendly Gift!

If you are in a quandary about what to get a family member who “has everything”, consider getting them something that will help them clear their life from the clutter and the “everythings” they have received during the course of their lifetime. (more…)

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