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Five Dressing Tips for a Holiday Get-Together

Five Dressing Tips for a Holiday Get-Together

If you are set on wearing red and green during the holidays, try these tips to make sure you don’t get mistaken for one of Santa’s little (more…)

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The Man Who Learned to Walk in Shoes that Pinch


This is a fable written by a friend that reminds us that we are not always the size we think we are. As a stylist, I caution every client not to get hung up on (more…)

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Dressing for a formal Birthday party

Jeans and Jacket

Hi there,

I read your article on Dressing For A Formal Event. I was hoping you could help me. My husband’s cousin is having a semi formal 30th bday party in the evening. I already have something fun and fresh to wear but we’re stuck on my husband. He’s 36 so he doesn’t want to dress like an old man but he doesn’t want to look like he’s trying to dress too young either. Wants to look hip, but not ridiculous. Help!!! What should he wear? Keep in mind; he’s a pretty big guy. (more…)

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Dressing Casual at Work

Business Casual

Our style of dressing at work and elsewhere becomes our trademark. We get used to wearing certain types of clothes and if there’s a change in dress policy at work, which forces us to change, we get kind of lost, and wonder what to do. For example, take the case of Diane. Diane is 46 years old, and has been wearing jeans to work for the longest time. A new rule has made it compulsory to dress casual, and no denims. Diane seems to be quite perplexed. She can’t imagine what she’ll do without her comfy jeans. Well, right now she has no choice but to follow the rules. One of Diane’s problems is that in her office the heat and A/C are not really controlled. Thus in Winter, it ends up being too hot and in Summer it’s icy cool. What’s confusing her is that she has no idea what to wear, so that she doesn’t end up being too hot or too cold throughout the day. In a way, that’s understandable, since we always want to be comfortable on the job.

Kathi Burns, a Professional Image Consultant and Board Certified Organizer, gives sound advice to Diane. Kathi says, that the best thing to do is go for layers!

She explains that there are a variety of different lightweight sweater fabrics that are available in the market. You can wear a couple, then as the temperature in the office raises or lowers, you can either remove some layers, or put on extras. The trick is to buy different sleeve lengths, and it’s best that the last layer, that is the first you put on, is a sleeveless shell.

Another thing to watch out for when layering are the necklines. Your tops should not compete with each other. Strong colors are easy to mix and match. If you’re wearing a printed top, it’s best to keep it simple and basic. It’s also preferable that you use the same color family as the other layers, and restrict the print to one layer only.

Yet another thing that you can use to your advantage is a ‘shirt jacket’. These shirt jackets are essentially shirts that you put over sweaters or other shirts. Most often these shirts have button fronts, shirt tail hems and long sleeves. These are handy to keep at the office, in case you find it getting too chilly for comfort. You can then throw it on to keep you warm.

True, it’s hard to replace jeans. But you could try a sleek pair of tweed slacks or a classy corduroy. In fact, if you get something that you’re comfortable with, you won’t miss your jeans. A good thing about tweed is that it does not wrinkle easily and it won’t go out of style. It’s important that you take time to find the perfect fit and invest in the best fabric. You should note that there are different types of tweeds. Go for the heavier tweeds with lining if it’s too cold. The lightweight tweeds are best for a hot climate.

Another useful tip is keeping a pair of socks at work. Whenever your toes are feeling the chill, just slip on a pair to feel warm. Though it’ll be a little tricky finding shoes that you can wear with or without socks. While flat mules may be comfy, it’s best to wear them without socks and slacks only!

Hopefully these tips will give you a strong head start. Over time, you’ll be able to explore and hone in on your style and most importantly find out what you are comfortable wearing. Spend the time to buy the right clothes for your body and lifestyle, It’s a solid investment for career advancement and increased self-esteem.

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Cleaning and organizing your closet

Wardrobe Basics

Dear Kathi,

I would love to know how to make multiple outfits out of the clothes I already own. As I purge my closet, I am keeping the worthwhile stuff and getting rid of the old, abused or simply awful items. I would like to update my closet and wardrobe with new items but don’t know where to start. Please provide any insight you might have.

San Diego


Make sure that your wardrobe includes the basic classic clothing elements, among which the perfectly fitting black dress and the critical perfectly fitted black dress trousers.

Base your color palette on one main neutral color: black, navy or brown. Don’t let the black dress and black slack suggestion throw you into a black frenzy. Those two items are simply wardrobe basics that every woman should own and build from.

Keep in mind that black is generally not the most flattering color, especially if you are over 30, and applies to both males and females. We often get stuck in the “black rut” from our younger days and never leave it. As we age, so does the tendency to look washed out and old in black. The exception to this rule is if you are a true “winter” in the “Color Me Beautiful” color system.

Choose your color palette based on your eye and hair color and skin tone. If you are in doubt about what color to choose, ask a friend to help you decide.

Once you choose your color palette, stick with it for all of your wardrobe essentials. Buy your suits in brown, or navy or black. Accent these basic items with complimentary colors. For navy, choose cream or white. With brown choose cream or fall colors with rich tones.

I applaud you for actually going through your closet and keeping only the pieces that really work for your figure. As you discard the items that are old and tired, you gain clarity of what you need to complete your wardrobe.

To decide what to buy in the future, keep a running list of the essential wardrobe elements that you own or are missing. When you shop in the future make sure to focus on completing your wardrobe by including the essential elements.

Once you have only items that work for you, you can begin to accent them with trendy accessories. Blouses or jewelry will provide an updated look.

You will begin to understand that with a simple color palette and classic items, almost every item in your closet compliments another. It will become very easy for you to mix and match outfits after you complete this project. Have fun!

Thanks for writing and don’t hesitate to write with any other specific questions.

Please submit your questions to: advice@addspacetoyourlife.com

San Diego Professional Organizer

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Finding jeans that fit

Dear Kathi,

It is difficult to find jeans that flatter or even simply fit properly. Do you have any rules or guidelines for finding the right jeans for a middle-aged woman with a fairly normal body shape? I am a size 8 regular.

Sophia, Carmel Valley


You are not alone in your quest. Jeans with the perfect fit are the hardest wardrobe item to find. It often takes trying on twenty to fifty pairs before you hit gold. It is well worth the chase once you discover the perfect fit.

Here is some jeans-fitting advice that works well for all ages and sizes.

To begin with, do not rely on size. Sizes are all over the chart right now. As a perfect 8, you could wear as small as a 4 or as large as a 12, depending on the manufacturer.

The perfect jean size will follow your natural body curves, flatter the spots that are not so perfect and highlight your positive body parts. ‘Skimming’ and ‘never clinging’.

Think about the lines you are creating around your body shape and don’t add dimension that emphasizes areas that you wish were smaller. This goes for slacks that are loose or baggy over your legs, as well as for extra embellishments on or around the hips, butt and belly.

Hip huggers should be reserved for those with super flat bellies and no unseemly bulges at their waistlines.

You do not want to sport bulges of any type, choose jeans that don’t cling to your rounder areas. If your waist bulges above the waistband, this is an indication that the jeans are either a bit tight or hitting you in the wrong place.

High waist jeans are not flattering for any body shape. Posteriors tend to look round and wide or flat and wide. These days, high waists are considered ‘mom’ jeans. Thank goodness they are also no longer in style.

Waistbands that hit at the largest part of your belly (generally right below the waist) will work wonders for controlling a belly bulge.

Patch pockets on the backside should only be worn by women who need to add dimension there, not by full or well-rounded women. The most flattering back pockets are small with little to no ornamentation. A back yoke with a strong ‘V’ will also make your bottom appear smaller.

If you need to balance out a large top half, consider wearing boot cut or flared legs. Many of my clients object to flares because they are too reminiscent of the old bell-bottom days. I say if the cut works for the lines on your particular body, go for it. It is truly all about the lines.

It is great that all shapes of pant legs are in style right now from peg legs, to straight, to boot cut, to full flares. The width of the leg style should complement your thighs. Peg legs will make your legs look shorter, bell bottoms will generally curve in and emphasize your thighs. Straight cut jeans are the most universally flattering. Flares and boot cuts will balance a larger upper torso.

Dark indigo jeans are the best choice. Choose a dark solid blue without the washed effect. You can dress up a pair of dark indigo jeans with a suit coat and fly out the door dressed and ready for most events, formal or informal.

If you like washed effect, make sure the light color is not over an area that you are trying to de-emphasize. Have fun shopping and eat your Wheaties before you head to the mall. Do not hesitate to pay a little more for the perfect jeans. You will wear them for years and wonder why you didn’t buy two when you finally found them. Thanks for writing and don’t hesitate to write with any other specific questions.

Please submit your questions to: advice@addspacetoyourlife.com

San Diego Professional Organizer

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The Effortless Guide to Men’s Style

This special report is a compilation of 8 years of private consultations with my male clients. It covers their most commonly asked questions with succinct and easy to implement ideas and advice. It also includes a list of the 18 essential wardrobe elements that every well-dressed man should have within his closet.

Topics within this report include:

• Men’s 18 Essential Wardrobe Elements
• How to Select the Perfect Suit
• Choosing Your Perfect Shirt Collar Shape
• How to Become a Sharp Dressed Man
• Frequently Asked Fashion Questions

To have the printed Effortless Guide to Men’s Style Report snail mailed to you  click the buy now button below:
Only $9.95 +s/h

To receive your instant Effortless Guide to Men’s Style eReport downloaded to your computer, click the buy now button below:
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Two Ways to Style a Suit


An upper level manager who travels frequently and needs to look professional. She is required to dress up for formal meetings but at other times does not want to appear too formal or intimidating to her staff.


The biggest challenge for most women is finding suits that are not black! Most women beyond their 20’s, and unless they are true winter complexions, are best served to keep black away from their faces. Unfortunately, when it comes to suits, it is very difficult to find very many choices besides black.


This client looked good in almost every color except black and especially great in lime green and navy. After much searching, I was able to find a navy suit and a lime/brown suit that we could dress up or down based on her schedule for the day. Two suits can turn into at least 6 outfits when paired perfectly together.

You can see that this suit looks just as nice during “Jeans Friday” when dressed down with jeans, as well as during formal client meetings.

Check out the incredibly fun and sexy shoes that she is wearing with her jeans outfit above!

The outfit below shows how to combine a suit coat with a jersey knit dress to create another style.

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Outdated Suits Seldom Help Your Figure


Situation: A very successful businesswoman who was stuck in the 80’s with her old suit. Notice the narrow legs on the slacks and the large shoulder pads?

Solution: Choose more modern lines that will emphasize her great body! Flared jeans and point toe shoes add curves to her silhouette and elongate her body line.


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How to Organize Your Master Closet – Fox 5 News

Organizing Your Master Closet

Organizing your master closet will make getting dressed in the morning easy if you first determine how you decide what you will wear each day.

For instance, I start choosing what to wear by determining what the temperature is going to be that day. With that in mind, I start putting together an outfit based on sleeve length. I tend to run cold and still have Florida blood in me, so it is all about how cold it might be that day. This helps me decide if I am going to wear sleeveless, short, mid or long sleeve shirts.

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