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How to Increase The Storage Space Within Your Small Closet

What’s the best way to manage the limited space without having to do renovation work on the house?


Clients frequently ask me this questions and I solve this challenge with a few different organizing tricks.


One of the most common tips I recommend  is to convert your single rod into a double rod by adding a drop down hanging rod.


These are available at most department stores, are super cost effective and do not require tools to assemble.

Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 5.43.10 PM

Once you have doubled your hanging space, make sure to look up and see what type of extra space you have above your shelf. You can easily add another free-standing shelf on top of your shelf for more storage area. I have used the inexpensive shoe shelves to add more shelf space above the traditional single shelf.

If you don’t want to install another shelf, use containers that are more tall than wide to use as much space above as possible.

If you have a two sliding door closet with pockets of unused space on either side, purchase a shoe carousel that secures itself floor to ceiling on a rod.

The seemingly useless pocket of space to the right or left of your sliding door can then be used for shoe storage.


If you don’t have space in the corner for this solution, use hanging shoe bags which will drop down off your hanging rod to hold 10 pairs of shoes in a 4-5 inch area. I once used 4 of these to organize 40 pairs of shoes. The hanging rod space required was less than 20 inches!


If these tips don’t quite finish your organizing closet project, leave a comment or question below and I will offer you even more solutions based on what you are up against.


Thanks for reading!


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How to Choose The Right Boots For Your Figure and Style

It’s that time of the year where we get to begin wearing sweaters and boots again. Yay! For me, this is the only consolation about the weather getting cooler and the darkness coming earlier.

With that said, many of us are scrambling to get a new pair of boots to support us through the cooler months. The selection is amazing right now, which is good, but it can also be very confusing.

So, my clients ask this question every year. How do I choose the right boot to look fabulous, be comfortable and also to carry me through the season? My number one rule for all clothing and accessories is that they should be flattering. SO now you may ask, how do I know what style is flattering for me?

(not flattering)

Choose Your Style Wisely: Whatever style boots you choose, you need to make sure that they are in proportion to your body shape and size. They don’t have to be in classic proportion, but they should add positive, not negative lines to your overall look.

For instance, short boots that fall just under an overlarge calf could highlight the heft of the leg. Stiletto-heeled boots on a very short or heavy woman could look out of balance. A big thick heavy heel will look very out of proportion on a petite frame.

If you have skinny legs, don’t wear baggy boots. Tall boots that are too wide on a skinny leg could make for a bottom heavy look. There should be no more than ½ inch between the top of boot and your leg.

If you are short, keep your hose the same color as your boot to look taller and with a longer leg line. Also, remember that the lighter the color of your boot, the shorter your leg will appear, so choose navy, black, dark brown etc.

So choose with thought. Always think of your entire look – don’t buy a pair of boots just because they’re gorgeous and leather is scrumptious. The boot has to look good on your leg and work with your overall wardrobe.

With those caveats in mind, here are a few ways to wear various styles of boots this season:

Tall Boots: If you only have enough room in your budget or your closet for one pair of boots, invest in slim knee-high boots. This style is a classic and timeless staple.

Wear tall boots with long, short, or above-the-knee length skirts. You can also wear them tucked into skinny jeans. All boots look best with tights or opaque hose.

If you are wearing tall boots with a skirt, make sure the skirt shape is compatible with boots. If your skirt is billowy, wear formfitting boots. Your overall look will also benefit if your hemline ends just over the top of your boots. If your skirt is tight, you can get away with larger boots and your hem should be a few inches between your boot top and your skirt.

If you have large muscular calves, never fear. Many of my clients swear that they cannot find tall boots to fit, but I always can find at least one pair that works for them. Many brands now carry fuller calf widths and there are many that also have elasticized back panels that expand with your calf. As I mentioned earlier, make sure there is no leg bulge sticking out of the top.

Short Ankle-Boots: These are all the rage this year and work great with pants, skirts and dresses. Short boots with flat-heels can also look adorable with sporty skirts and fun socks or tights.

Shooties: Even more popular this season is a boot with an even lower cut called the “shootie.” Many shooties have open toes, which make them a bit more complicated to coordinate. (See peep toe notes below)

Over the Knee Boots: Boots that come over the knee are a risky investment. This style is very hard to coordinate in most outfits. They are also very difficult to look good in unless you’re a long and lean model type.

Midcalf Boots: These work well with a short skirt and opaque tights or dark hose. These also work under a long skirt, again with opaque tights. A skirt that meets the boot top exactly will probably look a little odd. Better the skirt should be longer or shorter than the boot. Slouchy mid calf boots look great with tights and a skirt or with tucked in jeans.

Peep Toe Boots: The smaller the peep, the easier they are to wear. Make sure that you wear opaque tights. Sheer does not work and will date your look immediately. If you decide to go bare foot, keep your manicure fresh and only use this look if your outfit is slender and your hem is high. The bare legged shootie looks works best for the under 30. If you do wear peep toes with jeans, make sure that you add a lightweight sock over your tights so that it does not look like you are wearing hose under your jeans. Avoid heavyweight fabrics for your socks.

Equestrian Boots: This style works well with almost anything this season. If they have super chunky heels, they will work best with extra long flowy skirts. Typically flat equestrian boots can be a bit less fitted to allow for tucking in your jeans.

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Another Shoe Organizing Idea

I came across this idea on Pinterest and love it! I thought I had seen every possible shoe organizing solution until this ‘do it yourself’ idea. I think I might try it in a few of my client’s closets!

This is what the pinner said about her solution: I am in the midst of reorganizing our master closet and am drowning in shoes. I have a few shoe organizers but none that are working well for me. I came across this ingenious idea for organizing your high heels using decorative crown molding!

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Spring Cleaning and Shoe Donations

Hello Kathi,
I did spring cleaning. I filled 5+ bags of clothes, and a bag of shoes for Goodwill :))
But OMG! Those early 90’s leather boots have been sitting for over 15+ years on the (more…)

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Choosing the Perfect Clothes For Your Job Interview ~ A guide to savvy style for men

Suit for Interview

With the economy still struggling to get back to normal, many people are redefining their careers. Many because they have been let go by their employers and don’t have a choice, but many others because the time simply feels right to make a change.

As a professional change agent, I feel that this is the perfect time to make significant changes in your life. When there is chaos and disorder, change (more…)

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Savvy Interview Style for Women

Woman in Suit

With the wide variety of clothing choices for women, it is often difficult to determine what to wear during the job interview process.  I always advise clients to research the company they are interviewing with to determine (more…)

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California Casual Business Attire is Still Professional

Office Appropriate Look

Hi Kathi,

I do not wear any makeup and have long hair. Is there a minimum amount of makeup that is considered appropriate (i.e. lipstick, mascara, etc)?

I have also noticed professional women tend to have short hair.  My hair is always clean and tidy, but I’m not sure (more…)

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Some Simple Guidelines For Men’s Fashion


Looking your best isn’t hard if you follow a few simple guidelines. The man of today is concerned about his appearance – many people judge you by the image you present to the world. (more…)

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Organizing shoes

Dear Kathi,

Help! My shoes have taken over my entire closet. They are in stacked in boxes higher than my clothes, above and below. I also have a hanging shoe organizer packed full of shoes that are out of their boxes. What method can I use to get my shoe collection organized and under control?

Sheila, Del Mar


It sounds like you have more shoes than you need. As a professional organizer, I would recommend that you begin by looking at each individual pair of shoes. Invite a friend or professional to help you with this process. He/she should help to keep you on track and provide an objective viewpoint.

Examine each pair of shoes individually and ask yourself these questions; are they worn out, scuffed, out of style, or too small? When was the last time I wore these?

Our feet spread as we age. Try on each pair as you go through this process. I am certain there are shoes in your closet that haven1t seen the pavement for months or even years because they are uncomfortable. These shoes should leave your closet forever and find their way into your donation box. As you purge the worn and ill-fitting shoes, you will create more space for the remaining shoes.

If any of your shoes are work appropriate, consider donating them to Dressed For Success (619) 281-3773. This non-profit organization serves disadvantaged women as they re-enter the workplace. You will receive a charitable donation receipt and the satisfaction of knowing that your shoes will be put into good use.

Store the shoes you wear infrequently into boxes . Everyday shoes can stored in or on a shoe holder. I recommend the vertical pocket hanging bags for clients that have the extra rod space. These shoe bags hang directly from your clothes rod and use a minimum amount of horizontal space (6″ or so).

Typical hanging shoe bags are single-sided with 8-10 pockets. The more unusual version is double-sided and designed to hold 16-20 pairs of shoes. The backside of these double holders is a handy place to store seasonal shoes.

If you need to use boxes, store them in plastic boxes. Uniformity will save space and they will stack neatly. Buy clear boxes so that you can see the shoes inside. Identify your shoes easier by attaching a digital photo on the end of each box. A quick glance will tell you which box to open while dressing.

Once your shoe collection is under control, create a new rule for your shoe habit. Add to your collection only after you get rid of a pair. One in one out will keep your shoes from overtaking your closet again.

Kathi is a professional organizer, image consultant and event planner based in San Diego California.

Please submit your questions to: advice@addspacetoyourlife.com

San Diego Professional Organizer

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How a busy family organized their entryway table


Situation: This client has a busy family, with people often running in and out. This table was right by the entryway of the house and everything got dumped on or around it, including mail, books, shoes, etc.

Challenge: It was intended to be for shoes and library books that had to be returned, and the drawers were for keys, wallets, and other small items. It became overwhelmed when people just started throwing everything there when they came in the door.


Solution: We got rid of everything that was not appropriate to live on the entryway table. We made a closed area for books that need to go back to the library, and added a basket on top where the kids can throw their sunglasses and sunscreen. In the drawers are keys and wallets, and one drawer for school supplies like pens and paper so the kids can do their homework. Below the table is a shoe caddy with shoes properly contained.

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