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Daily tip #6: Ditch the “skinny” clothes

Clutter happens when your life changes and you are not really ready for it. Holding onto the past is a big clutter culprit. Not only might your closet be dysfunctional, it can squelch your spirit.

For example, If your body has changed and you are still holding onto your “skinny” clothes, your closet is probably dysfunctional and bulging at the seams. 2013 is time to let those old skinny clothes go.

Clothes that are too small and still hanging around in your closet can cause anxiety, depression and feelings of low self esteem. If you truly want to get back into your skinny clothes, ditch all of the old ones except maybe your favorite pair of jeans (to use as a litmus test) and keep only the clothes that fit you now in your closet. Try it! wearing clothes that fit perfectly, no matter what your size is now, boosts your self esteem and happiness factor which, in turn, promotes greater will power to get back down to your ” skinny” size if you decide later on that it really is still important!

Ok, so now I know what might be going through your head as you read this “what if I do lose the weight and then have nothing to wear”. What about all of the money I will be wasting? Think about it, if and when you do get down to your old skinny size, do you really want to pull out those old clothes as your reward? Probably not, you will want to celebrate your new slim self with new clothes. Right? So go ahead, chuck the old clothes that no longer fit your body, undersized or oversize, they just don’t deserve any space within your closet.

Click here for more tips on shopping for your size…

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Great Colors to Wear for Winter and Summer Skin Tones

Winter and Summer complexions are both cool skin tones with a blue base. These ‘seasons’ so to speak are helpful when determining what clothing to buy and what to wear.

Both of these seasons are best served by wearing cooler or more blue based colors.

Summers differ from winter complexions in that they are a bit softer. Winters will have a large contrast between their skin, hair and eyes where summers will bled more gently together. Because summers are themselves of softer tones, they look best in blended colors, not with dramatic variations. Wearing strong contrasted colors will make them appear overpowered and tired.

Winter complexions are usually more dramatic with a strong contrast between skin, hair and eyes. The combination of black hair, pale skin and blue eyes. is a typical indicator of a ‘winter’ complexion. A strong pairing of contrasting colors will enliven and accent the already intense look of a winter.

Taking notice of the colors in nature during each of these seasons also helps you determine which colors correspond with your tonality. Take for instance the stark contrast of crisp white winter snow and the deep red of a poinsettia.

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Five Dressing Tips for a Holiday Get-Together

Five Dressing Tips for a Holiday Get-Together

If you are set on wearing red and green during the holidays, try these tips to make sure you don’t get mistaken for one of Santa’s little (more…)

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What Sets addSpace Apart From Other Coaching Services

Here is a quick Q&A to help you understand a bit more about Kathi Burns, the founder of addSpace To Your Life!

What Sets addSpace Apart From Other Coaching Services

1.How did you get started in the business?
I started this business as a love offering for a friend in need who was sick and being over run by her clutter. As I volunteered with her, I discovered that I loved this work and that I had an innate ability to help people learn how to release and let go. After doing a bit of research, I also learned that there was a big need for people with my skill set.

2.What do you enjoy most about your profession?
Helping clients shift away from stuck habits and move toward a life of their dreams. Helping them embrace change with open minds and anticipate the best is a result of their release from being stuck in the muck of their stuff.

3.What separates you and your company from the competition?
As both a Professional Organizing and Image Consultancy, I help clients change on the surface level of their environment. Their block could be a wardrobe that does not create a successful image or a home or office that does not function properly. I am all about environments and my goal is to make them function at their highest level.

4.Who is a good prospect for you?
Anyone who is experiencing some type of transition in their life. Switching careers, getting married, downsizing or starting a new business are a few examples. Basically anyone who needs to make a profound change and wants to learn the easiest and quickest way to move through it is the ideal addSpace client.

Also, any corporation that wants to host a workshop or training program to create a significant increase in productivity within their departments.  Also any organization that needs an inspiring  and motivational speaker for their next conference.

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How To Stay Organized and Have More Time for Yourself

How To Stay Organized and Have More Time for Yourself

Dear Kathi,

How do you get started when organizing seems like a big elephant looming in the background? I have so many things going on in my life and I have many different images. At work, I spend my energy trying to please other people, I come home to another set of people to nurture, playing chauffeur for the kids and meeting my husband’s expectations.

I guess the real question is when do I find the time to get organized and also spend time nurturing myself? I know that everything I touch at home demands thought and resolution. If it is an item in my closet, I have to think about if I need it and if not, should I donate or consign and on and on… How can I come home and approach my items without too much mental drain?

Veodia, Oceanside


You present a two-fold question. You are already a step ahead because you are aware that all your possessions demand energy. Knowing this is the beginning of controlling what occupies your time and enters your living space. That is always the first step.

Once you understand that every item within your home demands energy from you, you are much more diligent about what you let into your home environment. For example, a new pair of shoes demands much decision-making; Do you need to make room and get rid of another pair of shoes so the new ones will fit into your closet? If so, which pair should you discard? If not, where will they live while not on your feet? How much did they cost? Did you have the money to spend or was it the result of a terrible day of overspending to feel better? If so, in addition to the decision energy, it’s possible that the shoes could create a guilty feeling every time you glance at them in your closet, so in the end might not be a good addition to your wardrobe. These are only a few of the examples of how possessions can zap your energy.

The easiest approach is to take small steps on a regular basis. Make a list of your intended projects. Divide these tasks into five-minute time chunks. Try to do at least one five-minute session every day. Choose a regular time based on your family schedule. Stick to this pre-determined time as close as possible every day. Some moms can steal five minutes when they first arrive home because the kids aren’t home yet. Some moms can focus for a few minutes just before sleep because the house is quiet. Whichever time works for you is fine as long as you commit to this standing appointment with yourself every day.

You can accomplish a lot in five minutes. Some nights you might be able to focus for 10 to15 minutes and other nights it will be all you can do to focus for five. Even if it is only five per night, you will see a shift and your elephant of chaos will shrink down to a mouse. Results inevitably happen with consistent effort.

The same holds true for nurturing yourself. Commit to spending at least fifteen minutes a day doing something only for you. Maybe it’s simply a soak in the tub, curling up with a book, or sitting in the park for a few minutes on the way home form work. Again, with consistent daily quiet time for yourself, you will feel less overwhelmed. Your family will benefit greatly from your time spent alone. You will be more effective at work, as a mom and as a wife when you give yourself daily quality quiet time to nurture yourself.

I would also suggest planning a pre-designated night out with your girlfriends or colleagues. If possible, create a schedule that contains a once-a-month free night for you and a free night for your partner, taking turns spending time away from the family.

It is also very important to build in a date night at least once a month where you and your husband can spend time catching up and nurturing your relationship together. These nights sometimes require a lot of energy to coordinate but always pay off in the long run.
Thanks for writing and don’t hesitate to write with any other specific questions.

Please submit any additional questions or comments below in the comment section.

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Savvy Interview Style for Women

Woman in Suit

With the wide variety of clothing choices for women, it is often difficult to determine what to wear during the job interview process.  I always advise clients to research the company they are interviewing with to determine (more…)

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California Casual Business Attire is Still Professional

Office Appropriate Look

Hi Kathi,

I do not wear any makeup and have long hair. Is there a minimum amount of makeup that is considered appropriate (i.e. lipstick, mascara, etc)?

I have also noticed professional women tend to have short hair.  My hair is always clean and tidy, but I’m not sure (more…)

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Clothing Sizes and Fit ~ why it is difficult to find the right size


Finding the right size clothes is often a very mysterious and painstaking process. Today, a woman who always used to fit into size 8 clothing will probably find clothes that fit and are labeled from sizes 6-10.

My clients often ask – how does this happen? Well, chaos (more…)

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Dressing for a formal Birthday party

Jeans and Jacket

Hi there,

I read your article on Dressing For A Formal Event. I was hoping you could help me. My husband’s cousin is having a semi formal 30th bday party in the evening. I already have something fun and fresh to wear but we’re stuck on my husband. He’s 36 so he doesn’t want to dress like an old man but he doesn’t want to look like he’s trying to dress too young either. Wants to look hip, but not ridiculous. Help!!! What should he wear? Keep in mind; he’s a pretty big guy. (more…)

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Cleaning and organizing your closet

Wardrobe Basics

Dear Kathi,

I would love to know how to make multiple outfits out of the clothes I already own. As I purge my closet, I am keeping the worthwhile stuff and getting rid of the old, abused or simply awful items. I would like to update my closet and wardrobe with new items but don’t know where to start. Please provide any insight you might have.

San Diego


Make sure that your wardrobe includes the basic classic clothing elements, among which the perfectly fitting black dress and the critical perfectly fitted black dress trousers.

Base your color palette on one main neutral color: black, navy or brown. Don’t let the black dress and black slack suggestion throw you into a black frenzy. Those two items are simply wardrobe basics that every woman should own and build from.

Keep in mind that black is generally not the most flattering color, especially if you are over 30, and applies to both males and females. We often get stuck in the “black rut” from our younger days and never leave it. As we age, so does the tendency to look washed out and old in black. The exception to this rule is if you are a true “winter” in the “Color Me Beautiful” color system.

Choose your color palette based on your eye and hair color and skin tone. If you are in doubt about what color to choose, ask a friend to help you decide.

Once you choose your color palette, stick with it for all of your wardrobe essentials. Buy your suits in brown, or navy or black. Accent these basic items with complimentary colors. For navy, choose cream or white. With brown choose cream or fall colors with rich tones.

I applaud you for actually going through your closet and keeping only the pieces that really work for your figure. As you discard the items that are old and tired, you gain clarity of what you need to complete your wardrobe.

To decide what to buy in the future, keep a running list of the essential wardrobe elements that you own or are missing. When you shop in the future make sure to focus on completing your wardrobe by including the essential elements.

Once you have only items that work for you, you can begin to accent them with trendy accessories. Blouses or jewelry will provide an updated look.

You will begin to understand that with a simple color palette and classic items, almost every item in your closet compliments another. It will become very easy for you to mix and match outfits after you complete this project. Have fun!

Thanks for writing and don’t hesitate to write with any other specific questions.

Please submit your questions to: advice@addspacetoyourlife.com

San Diego Professional Organizer

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