Comments From Our Clients

“I am actually catching up on things and not as bogged down. I have a system that is working so now I can get to the tasks that have been there for me to do for longer than I care to admit. Thank you!”
CD Moore, MD, San Diego

“Working with addSpace To Your Life! has definitely de-stressed my life. Kathi provided the extra motivation and direction I needed. If I had done this by myself, it would have taken months, not days. My time is valuable and it definitely saved me money to hire Kathi. Without her, my systems would not be nearly as streamlined and effective. Now I get more done in less time and with much less effort.”  M. Lesh, Sempra Energy

“Kathi Burns is a dynamo.  I first worked with her years ago on a wardrobe consultation–I was stuck in “frumpy Mom” with a goal of “sophisticated executive.” By the middle of the 4-hour shopping expedition, I had to beg for mercy and stop for a double shot of espresso.  The consultation was a complete success–she taught me how to shop.  The lessons have been indelible. And on top of that, years later, I am still wearing many of the original items, and still getting compliments.

Since that time I have worked with her several times on home and office organization: organizing a messy kid’s room, de-cluttering and making sense of a large home office, and I even brought her in to work to help a clutter-stricken office colleague.  Kathi has more energy than a Texas tornado.  If you have an impossible project, YOU NEED KATHI.  She will make it happen.  And she will keep your morale high to the very last moment.  Not only does the project get done, but YOU LEARN LIFE SKILLS FROM HER.  Kathi is THE BEST!”
Sandy Chaplan

“I did really want to thank you for all of the tips and advice that you gave me. I have been having a lot more fun with my wardrobe. I did go out and buy some more things and have been getting pretty good feedback and compliments from people around me who have noticed something has changed. I really want to thank you for that. It has been a nice experience so far. I will be back in touch with you after the wedding.”
Natalie, San Diego

“Your help with organization has been life altering!  Everything that can be on my computer or iPhone are stored there.  I have moved all of my filing cabinets closer to my desk.  It’s been very helpful when I get a phone call and need to reference something.  We had a wonderful time in San Diego and plan on going back in the near future.”

I can’t thank you enough,                                                                                                                 Cecelia Kinor  ~ Business Office Manager                                                                           Browning Masonic Community, Inc.

“I attended a SCORE networking breakfast and to my relief, I heard Kathi Burns talking about getting rid of my muck. I was so inspired and ready after her lecture; I bought her book, her filing system and a few of hours of her time and went home with the pure determination to “manage my muck.” It began by reading through her book and then Kathi came and sat with me and helped me create my filing system.
I am now at least 200 pounds (or more) lighter in my office and at least 1000 pounds lighter in my heart and mind. My creative juices are flowing and I am in business, doing what I have wanted to do all my life…write!! Thank you Kathi, for your ability to create space…not just in my office but in my heart too! God bless you!!!”
Candace George Conradi

“What What an amazing presentation you gave. I am embarrassed 
to say that I’m known for getting so many notices from the
 post man about our box being full, that they sent me a notice
 that they would stop delivering if I didn’t go to mail reform 
school. Did you even know they did that? Why have I
 dreaded it so much? Because I didn’t know what to do with
it once I got it. There was so much junk I didn’t want to touch 
it! I tried calling the “Get us off your list” people and even
 mailed them!
I used my fingers to organize my mail just like you said. And I 
had too much other stuff in my hands and will only have the 
mail next time. Seeing that I was already overwhelmed, I gave 
my pre-schooler Daddy’s pile to put on his desk. Then I stood 
in the front door trying to sort the rest of it with my fingers. He
had the most mail so I felt relieved watching her walk away. I
 cannot tell you how powerful that tip was for reducing my stress
 level. Now all I have to do is master this finger twirl concept of 
yours and I’m back in business. Perhaps you can demonstrate it 
in future presentations? I’ve got plenty of special needs so I’m
looking forward to a long and prosperous collaboration with you! 
I have already shared this in my twitter.”
Believe well!

Adelaide Zindler  
Chief Work-At-Home-Mom Cheerleader

“Long overdue. Kathi Burns made a big difference in my life. About five years ago for my 35th birthday. Wait, that may be a bit off. Anyway, for my birthday I spent the bucks to get my office in order. I had Kathi (Add Space) come over and spend the day getting all dialed in with a new organization system. It was like having your mom …help you clean your room but she’s not mad at you. I’ll never forget the great feeling of having a neat, orderly office.
Let’s see, where’s that filing cabinet. Time to call Kathi. She’s the organizer lady you’ve seen on local news now and then.  Also on Good Morning America.”
Rick Griffith

“When we evacuated for the fire this year, my new filing system saved me much and stress. I was able to pull all permanent files red tabs and remove replace, policies with all my insurance information. It was good, I grabbed and grabbed and ran out knowing that I had everything I could possibly want.

A few years ago when we had to evacuate, we just grabbed memorabilia and didn’t even think of anything else besides insurance policies. I did not know where things were so I didn’t even think of it. This time I had All of the important information.”
Debbie S, San Diego

“Hi Kathi, I opened the top file drawer, using the same amount of pull as before…I almost pulled the drawer clear out of the cabinet, it was so light-weight. I love this already…my desk is still clean! No more Sunday night dread! I’m Free!!!! See you again soon.”
Mindy S.

“Hi Kathi, Hope you are doing well. I have a thank you card I want to send to you, but didn’t have your address. Please let me know where to send! I am loving the organization that you made happen for us! Now we are just awaiting the arrival of our little girl! I will keep you posted.”
Thanks again, JT Johnson

“You really bring order to our lives, you have hauled away so much stuff that we never needed to begin with. I love my kitchen counter tops. I can actually see them!”
TT Carlsbad

“Kathi is very passionate and efficient. She works well with people only she can get me to file after work when I am tired!”
Sonny T, Carlsbad

“You’ve been a significant agent for change in Rick’s life. He has kept up with your system and his desk remains clear. I’m sure this has increased his effectiveness/productivity. You’re terrific at what you do, and I thank you for it.”

Prem and Shanti, Marc Boney

“We hired Kathi a couple of years ago to help us get a handle on our flat filing and general office disorder. The system she helped us implement was simple and easy to use! We shredded pounds of old & unnecessary files. Although she already has a great reputation, we just wanted to go on public record here to say that all that great stuff you’ve heard is true!”                                                                                                                                                     Anya Shortridge Owner, Ashes on the Sea” August 10, 2012

“Kathi’s tools and training are amazing. it took me 5 minutes to grab my tax information for my accountant and 30 minutes for her to complete them. Thanks to Kathi’s systems.

Just for the record I have personal business and investment components to my taxes. this was not just a w-2 fill in the blanks EZ return.”

Kathryn A Christensen

A nice note sent from a current client to a potential client:
“Kathi is absolutely the best and has enhanced my life significantly! She “gets” why each client has trouble managing his/her individual time and belongings. She streamlines the process with contagious enthusiasm and humor. I, as well as a close friend of mine, hired her for all three jobs and we both have been very satisfied with all the results. I used her extensively because of multiple past moves, therefore as many redundancies with similar items in random locations.

I am in the process now of moving and downsizing. I hired Kathi to help me pack. We got rid of many more items, plus the ones I kept were all packed together in the same box & labeled to facilitate unpacking.

Her skills as an organizer are truly extraordinary, as she is fast and effective (everything gets in order and you get rid of extraneous items you do not need). I’d say her most useful technique is that all those extraneous donation items go with her, she takes them right to shelters and you can’t go back into the garage and pull them out after she leaves!

The order she creates with files and belongings is directly linked to time management. You collaboratively create a “go to” file, then your larger system. Files get labeled so you know right where to find the papers you need. Belongings get organized so they are accessible and so you can find them quickly. She will tell you how to keep on top of your particular tasks.

She also knows what looks good on each body type and which colors and patterns look best on you. She pre-shops before you go shopping together to assemble a collection of items for you to try on. You learn what looks good on you and how to select things yourself in the future.

I hope I’ve convinced you to give Kathi a try. I think you’ll be pleased. Feel free to contact me again if you need any more information.”
Carole Johnson

“Well, my self imposed deadline is upon me….  I’ve made a lot of progress, but still have a ways to go.  I think I lost a lot of momemtum when my sister was here for a month; I just didn’t have extra time…..  But, I sure am pleased with what was accomplished when you were here!  You made me move quickly, and we really made a difference!  It’s been hard to recreate that; however, I still learned the lessons.  I’m just operating at a slower pace.  I keep you in my head directing me….  🙂  Mark is super pleased with the changes!  My son was here for a visit last week, and I showed off the garage; he was impressed!

Thank you again for all of your help! You were really terrific to work with though, and I couldn’t have done it without you!!!  I just couldn’t seem to get started on my own……”