The missing sock syndrome – it happens to all of us!

Missing Sock

Solution: Keep an old pillowcase in your laundry area. When a lone sock appears, toss it in the bag. At the end of the month, most socks will be reunited as pairs when you open the bag.

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2 Responses to The missing sock syndrome – it happens to all of us!

  1. rob says:

    I read about your solution to lost socks and those plastic clips very intested me.
    I have never heard about theme and i wanna ask , where can I get those? Can you give me name of store or company? Maybe a link of website or something?
    Its very important to me so if u can help i will be thankful.

    ( Im sorry about my English, I dont speak English )

  2. rob says:

    Here is a link to the product you might be looking for. I have used them with my clients and they seem to help quite well.

    Shockproof Sock holders help keep socks together in washer and dryer, no more sorting hassles. Put a stop to missing socks. Five colors available for easier identification, assign a different color to each person. Pack of 10.

    Thanks for your question! Feel free to email me with any other questions you might have.

    Best Regards,

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