The New “Return to Work” Image on a Budget


This client has spent the past year seeking employment and after a long search, was able to secure a new job. Yippee! But after being laid off for such a long time, she did not have any clothes for hew new position. Additionally, her new employment is a much more casual atmosphere than her last ‘suit’ wearing job.


We found many separates that could be combined with various suit elements. Mixing and matching suit pieces provided a great assortment of new outfits. This allowed her a great deal of flexibility and kept her new wardrobe on a budget.

As you can see, she can be completely casual with simply a blouse and pants or if she wants to step it up a notch, she adds a jacket from one of her suits. She can switch shoes and wear the same blouse with the skirt which came with the suit another day.

Now she has a comprehensive wardrobe that was created on a shoestring budget and can add a suit or two to increase her wardrobe elements as she gets paid in her new position.

PS As an aside, take a look at how much better flair jeans are for her silhouette compared to her original straight leg jeans.

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