The Problems Of Clutter When Working From Home

If you are an ecommerce entrepreneur working from home you may find yourself overwhelmed with clutter, especially if you have a small home or a lack of storage facilities. If someone is only running a small online store they will quite often compromise by storing their stock in a home garage or loft instead of renting out storage facilities. This may be a necessity in the early stages of a business but if you begin to grow more successful then your increasing amount of stock may cause a problem in your home.

The problem with storing stock at home

If you are storing a large amount of stock or valuable stock in your home a variety of issues can arise. First of all is the obvious problem of clutter and the issue of your house feeling more like a workplace than home. Having large amounts of storage in a loft or a garage can help you overcome the problem of clutter but if you begin storing items in your general living rooms then problems can arise. Having work based items in your living rooms can cause a blurring between your work and home life. Such a situation can cause a loss of routine and a built up of stress, leading to issues such as burnout and depression. Not only can stock clutter cause these mental issues but there is also the physical problems of tripping, fire, and the buildup of pathogens. The build up of disease causing pathogens is caused by inadequate storage. If your storage is exposed to the air and not temperature controlled not only can it be a health issue but it can also cause a build up of mould or mildew which could render your stock worthless.

Other problems with practicality

Other problems with having a cluttered amount of stock in your home include security. If you store your stock at home then it may be on show to passersby increasing the probability of theft. It is also worth noting that such a theft may not be covered by your insurance provider, you should always check beforehand to make sure. Your security system itself may be inadequate if you have stock on show, for example, if you haven’t got an alarm system in place then you really shouldn’t be storing any large amounts or expensive amounts of stock. Another problem with storing stock at home is the issue of receiving new stock, as homes don’t have a goods in area it might be difficult for the deliverer to get close to your home. This means you might have to manhandle a greater amount of stock, increasing the chance of injury and increasing the chances of storing your stock somewhere in the way instead of the place where you initially wanted to store it.

As an ecommerce entrepreneur working from home hoarding stock is a major issue, especially if you have a slight hoarding problem in the first place. If your business begins to become more successful and you start to store larger amounts of stock you may find that you hit a wall when it comes to storing your stock at home. Nowadays, many small businesses are choosing to use flexible self storage facilities with office spaces over working from home. The benefits of such facilities compared against working from home are detailed in the following infographic.

The Ecommerce Entrepreneur's Choice: Work from home or a self storage office?

By My Storage Pod – The Ecommerce Entrepreneur’s Choice: Work from home or a self storage office?

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