Toy closet organizing

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Toys has overtaken the closet. Too many toys stored that were no longer in vogue with the kids. Mom had no idea what to keep or what to toss or what was even in there!


We emptied the entire closet and grouped the contents into piles and bins, like with like. We then went through each section of items and determined if we had duplicates, of which there were many because of two daughters close in age. One of the duplicates, if not both, were donated immediately if the item in question was no longer used regularly.

After sorting through each item and placing it with similar items, we were able to containerize each collection individually. This way, several bins with lids held large amounts of small parts. We also gained the ability to stack so everything would fit onto the shelves within.

Many books were donated to a local non-profit reading program. A craft section was set up along with a reference library. Baby toys were placed on the top shelf for younger visiting relatives and friends. Stuffed animals and costumes now live in easy-to-use large hampers.

A few weeks after the adult re-organizing session, I worked with the girls to determine what was working and not working in the new organizing system. This way they would buy into the process of putting things back where they “live” or belong. We moved a few things around based on their unique preferences, and now it is totally customized for their projects and play habits!

What Our Clients Say:

“Now we have room for all of the toys. Before there was no room and no possible way to get in or put things away so it all overflowed onto the floor. Now we can go in and know what is there and know where to find it because it hasn’t moved. Everything goes back to it’s home after it is used and things are being used now more than ever!

Katy P, San DIego

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