“What is your muck?” Interview – Clean/Dirty Clothes

Interview by Kathi during her How to Master Your Muck book tour.


Kathi: I’m here in Ashland, Oregon on my national book tour and I’m wondering what your muck is.

Woman: Are we talking physical muck?

Kathi: It can be anything that holds you back or makes you feel stuck.

Woman: Okay. So I would say that my muck is what to do with the clothes that you have that you wear for an hour because you have to go somewhere. You put them on for an hour, you take them off and I don’t want to waste water washing them because I have only worn them for an hour. But where do you put them because you don’t put them back with your clean clothes?

Kathi: Where do you put them?

Woman: On the floor of my closet.

Kathi: So are they, therefore, clean?

Woman: Well no. But they’re cleaner than dirty. It’s profound.

Kathi: So what do you do about that?

Woman: That’s what I’m asking you.

Kathi: Alright. My concept is this, if it is not dirty enough to be in the dirty clothes, hang it back up. Wear it again. Merge it with your perfectly pristine clean clothes because they’re still clean. Otherwise, they’d be dirty. Thank you very much.

Woman: Thank you.

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