“What is your muck?” Interview – Clothes

Interview by Kathi during her How to Master Your Muck book tour.


Woman: As a child, my mother was very lenient about me leaving my clothes around, so to this day I basically shop from my couch, but the couch is in the bedroom and all my clothes are neatly folded on my couch, and as soon as I put them in the drawer, I don’t use them anymore. But my husband doesn’t love all the clothes on the couch because the couch is for sitting and enjoying our TV in our bedroom. So that’s one form of muck that I would love to deal with- how to put the clothes away that are mucking up my couch! Beyond that, I have trouble getting rid of my clothes. I love them and I think, well, maybe when I lose a pound or two, this will fit. So I have my fat clothes and my thin clothes. That’s a bit of muck!

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