“What is your muck?” Interview – Dead People

Interview by Kathi during her How to Master Your Muck book tour.


Kathi: So, you’re talking about junk and antiques?

Woman: Yeah. It’s like when you come from a large family every time somebody dies you get a little bit of their stuff. Like it’s divided among all the family members and then over time… I mean, it’s like precious to you. It’s sentimental. So you don’t… You can’t… So then you’re like trying to make your own… get rid of some more of your stuff so that you can keep your uncle’s stuff and your grandmother’s stuff, and my mom is starting to downsize now. She doesn’t really want to get rid of her stuff just to go away. She wants to give it to her children like now. So, every time I go to see my mom, she’s like, “Cherine, this is your great aunt Elizabeth’s cut-glass vase and punch bowl set. Don’t you want a beautiful… Look how beautiful… This is a beautiful punch bowl set. Don’t you love it?” “It is beautiful, Mom, but I don’t do punch. A punch bowl… I just don’t…”

Kathi: And then you end up having it because you can’t turn down your mom.

Woman: Yes. I have some stuff that’s been in the family for four generations. I can’t not accept that stuff.

Kathi: Right.

Woman: Now, she’s like… Now she has given me all the real old fancy stuff. Now she’s like, “Well, don’t you want something that was mine too?”

Kathi: Oh, good Lord. There goes the mommy drama.

Woman: “Don’t you want it just because…” And I was like, “Well, we…” “Don’t you want it just because it’s mine?”

Kathi: Right. And you’re like, “Well, where did you get it?” “Oh, you know, a neighbor gave it to me.”

Woman: Right. No, no. “When I married your father, it was one of our wedding gifts.”

Kathi: Oh, dear. That’s muck. That’s…

Woman: So what do I do? What do I do? So, my husband… So, this is my husband’s solution: We just need a bigger house.

Kathi: Okay. I’ve heard that one.

Woman: But then it’ll just be more house for me to clean. I can hardly keep up with this one. Please don’t…

Kathi: As soon as you get a new house, your mom will be going, “Hey, since you have that spare room… ”

Woman: Right. Well, then my brothers and sisters who all still live in my hometown, they’re like, “You don’t understand.” I am like, “Just take it. When she offers it to you, just take it.” And we’ll just take it and give it to somebody else who takes… Just take it. She doesn’t… She can’t get rid of it herself. Just take it for her.” They’re like, “You don’t understand. You live in Florida. She comes to our house and looks for it.”

Kathi: Oh, that’s… Yeah, I can see that. I can see that.

Woman: If she doesn’t see it, she’s like, “Where is that maroon and purple comforter that I gave you?”

Kathi: Oh, boy. Well, I wish you a lot of luck with that.

Woman: Thank you, I need it.

Kathi: Thank you.

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