“What is your muck?” Interview – The Closet

Interview by Kathi during her How to Master Your Muck book tour. (Transcription) Woman: I can’t get into my closet. I cannot get into my closet because I have made the hallway into my closet into another closet. Yes I have! I added things to hang things onto to get into my closet so I can’t get into my closet. So I haven’t seen the inside of my closet in over a year. I should make you a picture of this. So I have a second closet in my hallway to my closet, and I can’t get into my closet so I find things when I do get into my closet that I haven’t seen in maybe two years and I go wow! I’ve got things in my closet that I didn’t know I had! So I’m a shopaholic and I keep buying things that I don’t need. So that’s about it.

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