What to Do with Magazines and Interesting Articles

Hi Kathi,

I just discovered your website and really enjoyed it!  But what do I do with all my magazines?  They are from our professional associations and a few leisure ones too.  For some of the professional ones, I tear our articles I haven’t read yet and hope to do so later.  What about ones I havent read but want to or just want to keep the whole thing?  Recipe magazines are the hardest to let go of.

Robyne Poulsen

Hi Robyne,

I applaud the fact that you are tearing articles out of your trade publications as you receive them. Once you tear them  out, I would recommend that you save and store them into one area that has a confined amount of space, perhaps an active file folder that can sit vertical near your desk or an actual reading basket.

I always recommend that every client has one or two reading baskets placed in the areas that they read. I use two in my home, one by the couch where I read and watch tv and the other beside my bed so I can catch up on reading at night.

Old school reading baskets are still around for a reason. They keep your magazines vertical and contained into a small area so that you are prompted to get rid of magazines once your collection exceeds the space within, typically over 20.

Regarding recipe magazines, these can be a slippery slope from which you never recover. Think about all of the incredible recipes that you can find online with the click of a mouse. I understand if you want to save great recipes that are tried and true but keeping entire magazines can lead to piles and piles, which is why you have emialed me this question.

Magazine subscriptions are tough to keep up with and I never recommend having more than one. Ask yourself if you might be better served buying one or two magazines at the grocery store when you know you will actually have time to read them. I understand that it will cost a bit more but it will save you time and frustration. This savings is often worth more money than the extra money you spend by simply keeping those piles out of your home.

OK, I know you are probably saying to yourself, “but I love looking at the pictures”. There are almost always pictures online with each recipe. In fact, something that you might enjoy is to do a google search: images of key lime pie, or images of spring rolls or whatever you want to cook. Once you see an image that looks good, click on the image link and it will usually take you to the website that has the recipe online.



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  1. Sara Lewis says:

    I do agree with this. It has been hard to break away from the tangibility of magazines. I think Pinterst is also a great site to record items you want to try and you can make boards for each of your hobbies. The other option is to use “Delicious” The social bookmarking site to take recipes you’ve tried and the ones you like. I use this often.

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