When you don’t have a full laundry room, sometimes you need to improvise. This client has a closet large enough to fit a washer and dryer, but it wasn’t working as a functional laundry room.


Although the laundry room has a shelf with hangers, providing a great space for drying clothes, it was lacking counter space, storage space, and room for a hamper without blocking the machines.


We used an old shelf from a different room in the house for laundry and cleaning supplies. We placed this on top of the washing machine and collected cleaning materials from elsewhere in the house so they are now all in one place. Inexpensive, premade shelves are a great option for any storage space when cost is an issue, especially when renting your home.

We also placed utilitarian things like lightbulbs, hardware and tools in boxes on the built-in shelf. We found a place for the vacuum and ironing board between the washer and dryer, and we hung brooms, mops, etc up high above the dryer. By taking advantage of vertical space, we found room for everything without impeding the use of the machines.

We also got a new laundry basket from Ikea that fits easily in the closet, out of the way of the machines. Finding a hamper that fits without getting in your way can make a huge difference.

Now this client can walk into the laundry room and easily wash and dry his clothes. He can also find what he needs for cleaning and housework, and everything has a place to live with room around it to grow!