Situation: This client had just graduated from college and was beginning her first job search quest.

Challenge: Her college clothes were worn out and not interview appropriate. Her black shoes and slacks left over from her waitress job were not going to create a great first impression. Our budget was limited and we needed to find enough clothes to wear during first and second interviews if necessary. Also my goal was to find enough coordinates so that she would have enough wardrobe variations to last through her first week or two on the job or until she received her first paycheck.

Her plus size stature made it difficult for her to find clothes that she thought would look good on her body. She did not feel confidant that she could find a suit that did not make her appear old and dowdy. I did not want to put her in black head to toe and was happy to find a nice brown jacket which really highlighted her green eyes. After all, she is only 22

Solution: I was able to find her a few separates that all worked together to create 5 different outfits. We ended up with this great pair of black shoes, 2 pairs of slacks, one skirt, 3 shirts and 2 jackets. She was amazed that we could find so many pieces that all worked together and even fit!

I always recommend that my clients wear their jacket buttoned as they enter the interview meeting and every time they enter a room. A buttoned jacket makes the outfit look more ‘put together’ and sharp with minimal effort.

A side note: She received a gift certificate for my services as a graduation present from her step mother. We started by working together on her goals for a full time job and career using the What Color is My Parachute Book to help her determine her skills and passions. After this session, she had more insight onto the type of jobs she wanted to pursue.

The second part of her present was a Macy’s gift card which we used to purchase the clothes which she needed to pursue her career dreams.

What an incredibly thoughtful and life improving gift!