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We are moving across country and will have a new three-car garage. We swear we won’t clutter it up this time, but I am already worried. What tips can you give me to break our garage dumping ground habit?

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Plan ahead and make a list of the items that you need to store in your new garage. Items that are normally kept in garages include lawn equipment, holiday decorations, sports equipment, tools and excess household supplies bought in bulk. Do you have any additional items to store? Determine how many cabinets and shelves are currently in your new garage. Before you move in, use this time to build additional storage in your garage. Efficient garages feature a row of cabinets that line an entire wall, floor to ceiling. Open shelves on the wall closest to your home entrance will conveniently store household supplies bought in bulk. Holiday decorations should be grouped together and stored high and out of the way. Sports equipment should be low and easily accessible. To avoid future garage clutter follow this rule; items that no longer work or fit inside your home do not go to your garage. Do not pass go and take your excess furniture and old light fixtures directly to your favorite charity. If the item is too big for you to haul, call the charity and schedule a pick-up. The evening before the truck arrives, place the items in front of your house. Don’t put anything “temporarily” in your garage and you will be on your way to consistently parking cars in your new garage.

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