While your wedding day is all about you and your future husband, it’s also about allowing everyone to be happy with their outfit choices. Ensure your bridesmaids love their dresses before buying them otherwise they’re going to be miserable all day. It can be hard to shop for plus size women if you’re not in that category yourself which is why we’ve created this list of some tips on how to brighten up your plus size bridesmaids with their dresses!

Choose a Flattering Style

Body shape definitely is something you’re going to have to consider when buying your plus size bridesmaid her dress. Choose something that accentuates her curves and pulls her in where she needs to be. Skater style dresses are a great choice as they flow from the waist down meaning everything else is entirely free to have fun with. Tighter dresses won’t always work with plus size women but if they’re willing to try a style on, let them and see what it looks like! Only choose a style that is flattering and is something they feel confident in. Remember, they’re going to be in a lot of photos and will want to look their best. Also, it’s worth asking for their opinion on what style to choose as they will generally know what suits them.

Go for a Shorter Dress

A bridesmaid dress can either be super long and elegant, or short and chic. It’s your personal choice which one you opt for. However, when it comes to looking for plus size bridesmaid dresses, shorter styles are a better option. We agree that long dresses are also flattering on larger women, but it’s more than likely the shorter styles will look even better than you can ever imagine. Just be aware that if you’re having a winter wedding, they may need a light jacket to keep themselves warm if their legs are going to be bare. Similarly, if your bridesmaids aren’t comfortable having their legs out without any tights, you can get nude colored tights to hide any scars or unwanted cellulite.

Opt for a Darker Color

It’s a well-known fashion-fact that darker colors such as black or navy blue are flattering in terms of making you look slimmer in a dress. This is also true for those lovely plus size bridesmaids. It’s a perfect idea if you’re having a winter wedding as darker colors are the trend when it’s colder. However, if you’re having a summer wedding, you can still have darker colors! If you can find  bridesmaid dresses that have the perfect styles and are a darker color, your plus size bridesmaids will be very pleased with them!