A bedroom that had become the default dumping ground for all things that would not fit in the closet, the spare bedroom or other areas within the home. This challenge was partially a result of other rooms in the house not functioning: specifically the home office.
When papers had to be stored, the only area to store them was the bedroom. Additionally, the closets in this bedroom were overstuffed and could not hold the extra clothes or linens.

Creating space in other areas of the home to store the items that were not related to the bedroom. There was  also wall-to-wall furniture surrounding the parameters of the room.

We spent time getting rid of the wall to wall furniture and other unnecessary and unrelated bedroom items.  We then sent them off to a charity in need.

I removed the excess furniture and moved the remaining furniture into a more user friendly and space saving configuration. We also created a sustainable home office in another room that provided a place to move the important papers.

We purged and organized the two large closets in this bedroom so that clothes and other keepsakes had a space to live.