Recycling Your Old Computers

You just purchased a new computer but might be in a quandary because you still have 2-3 old computers stuffed into your closet and have no idea where to take them. First of all, congratulations on not tossing them into the trash! They contain many toxic materials including mercury, lead and cadmium.

So, what to do with your old relics? Fortunately, there are now several options. Dell has now made it incredibly simply to get rid of your old electronics.  They are now combining their efforts with Goodwill and recycle all of your old televisions, VCRS, telephones, printers and computers when you drop them off at a Goodwill donation center.

If you don’t have a Goodwill drop station nearby, here are some other options. ~ Offer your old electronics on this site but remember to wipe off your old data. ~ Sometimes you can sell your smaller devices on this website. Please do not get caught up in waiting to post for money. Be realistic and determine whether it is worth your energy to try to sell or better just to let them go quickly. ~ This large non-profit organization will give your used computer a second career after a small tune-up. They refurbish computers and give them to local charities and schools.,, ~ These computer manufacturers will recycle for free under some conditions.

Staples Stores ~ they recycle old computers and peripherals for a small fee. ~ Recycle laptops, monitors and small TV’s for a $10 fee which goes towards for a $10 in-store gift card. Some gadgets are free to recycle here. ~ Information posted by the Consumer Electronics Association ~ this agency requires recyclers to pledge not to ship e-waster to third world countries.

Whatever avenue you choose, just do it. Give yourself a deadline and stick to it.  Your closet space is too precious to store old useless computers!