It’s time for me to admit that I have not cleaned out my junk drawer for at least 2 years. Truth be told,  it was created when we moved in!

Now I do feel that every home should have one (ONE) junk drawer and I do help my clients create them. This way, there is a designated place to stash the miscellaneous and random tools like matchbooks, keys, screwdrivers, pens and tape.junkdrawerbThis particular drawer had big appeal to me as a junk drawer when I set up house for 2 reasons:

1. It was located in my kitchen

2. It was the smallest drawer in the kitchen.

Since my kitchen, like most, is the family hub, it made sense to create a junk drawer there. And my rational is that if I used a very small drawer, I would probably have less junk. And due to it’s size, it would not take long to get out of control and I would be prompted to clean it out sooner, as opposed to later!

So, sure enough I dumped everything out into my large salad bowl and made quick work of sorting and tossing. One bag for trash, one bag for donate (I have no idea where all of the pens and post it pads came from), one bag for outbound to other drawers and all of the rest back into the new drawer organizer.

nojunkdrawerBy the way, my new drawer organizer was the beginning of my inspiration to clean out that particular area! Whatever it takes to get going is always a good thing!

I was on a roll so I decided to take a quick trip around my house and get rid of a few more things. Here is what I ended up donating. Yay!

my donations