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Recycling Your Old Batteries Is Easy

A client recently made this discovery about how to recycle her old batteries. My clients are so smart and savvy!

The Waste Management program here in San Diego makes it super simple.

On recycle day, you can put your old batteries in a ziplock bag and leave it on top of your recycle bin and they will take them away and dispose of them properly! How easy is that?

If you don’t live in San Diego and want to learn ¬†how you can recycle, contact your local waste management company. From what I have learned, this process is available almost everywhere in the US. Also libraries and other public facilities now have bins where you can drop off at no charge.

There are also other resources listed in the infographics below. Use your mouse to enlarge:


This is the process that happens when you recycle:


Thanks for doing your part to recycle and protect Mother Earth!




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What to do with Dead Batteries

If you hesistate to toss your batteries in to the trash, you are thinking ‘green’. The challenge that I see with many of my clients is that they dont want to toss thier old batteries into the trash but they dont have any idea what to do with them.

Here is one strategy: Store your old batteries in a container and when it’s full, take them to your local Staples.

If you have any really old batteries made before 1997, please do not ever put them straight into the trash. 1997 is when Congress mandated a widespread mercury phase-out in batteries of all types. All of these older batteries may contain as much as 10 times the mercury of newer versions.

Regardless of their age, even the newer batteries still contain trace amounts of mercury and other potentially toxic stuff so they should also be recycled.

You can also get more bang for your buck and reduce battery waste by using rechargable batteries.

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