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Transform Your Garage: Easy Steps to Create a Clean and Organized Space

When most people move into a new home, they picture their cars

How to Get Organized Before a Move

Moving can take a lot of energy, and if you don’t know

Navigating Downsizing in Retirement: How to Handle a Too-Big Home

Downsizing can be a smart decision for seniors. However, it can also

Save Space In Your Kitchen With This Faucet

I recently discovered a new gorgeous faucet that provides filtered water without

One Thing This Professional Organizer Would Never Do In Her Home

In a recent article published in Reader’s Digest, one of my organizing

5 Smart Spice Storage Tips

Reprinted with permission from hgtv.comThey say variety is the spice of life,

A Bachelor’s Laundry Closet Becomes Functional

Situation:When you don’t have a full laundry room, sometimes you need to

Organizing School Papers

Dear Kathi,I have three children, ages 17 through 26 years. I have

5 Tips for a Smooth Landing After a Summer Vacation

The reason people go on vacation is to escape the demands and

Some Useful Links for You to Get Started

When most people move into a new home, they picture their cars

Organizing Tips and Tricks For Hosting a Party

Summertime is the perfect season for organizing and hosting outdoor parties and

Moving is Easier When You Are Organized

Moving to a new home can be one of the most exciting

Less Clutter Helps You Find Lost Things

I recently came across an article that talked about clutter in a new

Preparation Will Bring Peace To Your Holidays

As the holidays approach, you might find yourself wishing for more hours

The TOP 13 Most Thoughtful and Clutter-Free Gift Ideas

OK – let’s face it – giving a gift that is thoughtful

Nine Holiday Attire Style Tips

If you are tired of wearing the standard red and green holiday

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14 Simple Tips To Reduce Stress and Enjoy Your Thanksgiving Dinner

Set your alarmSet the alarm for the morning of Thanksgiving so you

Organizing A Halloween Trunk N’ Treat Party In 9 Easy Steps

Are you planning an alternative Trunk'nTreat Halloween celebration for kids and families this year?For

Organizing Your Refrigerator and Your Leftover Meals

Dear Kathi ~ I need help in my refrigerator!This year we had

5 Tips to Allergy-Proof Your Home and Stop Unwanted Allergy Invaders

Allergies affect one out of every five Americans in the United States.Allergies

Organizing The Zones Within Your Kitchen

Dear Kathi, I would like some tips on organizing my kitchen. I’ve

Is a Shoe Rack the Best Method for Organizing Shoes?

(Part One)(Part Two)Organizing shoes can become a burden when your closet is

3 Myths About Home Organization

How much do you care about home organization? Look around you, if

Unique Storage Solutions for Your Home

Do you feel that you have enough storage space? Many homeowners will

Get Your Home Organized and Your Life Energized!

If you feel overwhelmed and not quite ready to begin prepping and

Become Organized 2018 Special

This is your opportunity to increase your success and create more space

Declutter And Organize Your Digital Clutter

It might be time to declutter your computer if you’ve ever spent

You Can Use Moving as a Catalyst for Downsizing

Most of us, who have never experienced downsizing, have excess clutter lying

Recycling Your Old Batteries Is Easy

A client recently made this discovery about a new  method for recycling

Bottled Water ~ Did you know nearly 50% of the bottled water is tap water?

by Wheels For Wishes

4 Tips to Keep Your Car Organized (+ Bonus Video to Organize Grocery Shopping)

Cars that used to be luxury items are now turning into on-the-go

How to Increase The Storage Space Within Your Small Closet

What’s the best way to manage the limited space without having to

How to Spring Clean With Ease All Year Long

Ready to clean but can’t find the scrubber brush? Keep a separate bucket

Two Sisters Get Organized, Decluttered and Moved into Separate Bedrooms

I recently had the pleasure of helping two girls move into separate

It’s National Pet Day – Are Your Pets Organized?

The rolled up towels by the door are there to dry off

Spring Cleaning Goes Faster With The Proper Home Cleaning Kit

WANT TO MAKE CLEANING YOUR HOME EASIER?This home cleaning kit was created

Is 2016 The Year You Finally Get Your Home Organized?

Getting your entire home organized might seem like an overwhelming task. Maybe

Get Organized and Take Stock Before You Shop For The Holidays

It’s that time of year when houses fill with holiday cheer in

Organizing Bathrooms

Dear Kathi,My bathroom is small and very disorganized. We just moved in

Organizing a Cluttered and Messy Garage

Q: I need help! My garage has everything in it but my

Organize Your Time ~ Maximize Your Efficiency

If you are a committed worker, you certainly have your little tricks

Purging Clothes Closet

Dear Kathi,My clothes closet is bulging at the seams! How do I

Organizing Study Environment

Kathi,My high school kids are getting ready to go back to school.

Are You Losing It?

According to New Scientist magazine, “People tend to mislay an average of

Organizing Kids Art

Dear Kathi,My two elementary age children are returning to school in a

Organizing Sticky Notes

Kathi,Our house is being overrun by sticky notes. I’ve tried to teach

Organizing Your Laundry Room

Kathi,My laundry room is in the garage and is an unorganized mess.

Missing Socks

Dear Kathi,I am constantly trying to find the mates to my socks.

Dirty or Clean? That is the Question

Here is an organizing challenge that many of my clients create for

Organizing Clutter

Dear Kathi,Help! My house is piled so high with clutter that I

Packing for Business Trips

Dear Kathi,I take many business trips throughout the year and usually either

What to Pack and Organize When Moving Into a College Dorm Room

The following is a comprehensive list of items you will need for

How to Make the Most of The Small Space in Your Dorm Room

Adjusting to the small space of a dorm room can present many

Are You a Professional Waster?

Are you a Professional Waster?  Do you waste minutes and even hours

Tips for Organizing a Home Attic

Regardless of how cold it is today, when you least expect it

Being Organized Saves You Time!

I love my last phone call! One of my clients called me

Organizing Kitchen Gadgets

Kathi,My kitchen is running out of space. I have too many gadgets

Hosting Guests from Out of Town

Dear Kathi,I have dear friends coming into town for the holidays and

Clothes Shopping on a Budget

Dear Kathi,I’m on a tight budget and really want to buy some

Organizing Heirlooms

Dear Kathi,All of my relatives seem to think that I am the

Paper Organization

Dear Kathi, I have piles of paper spread all throughout my house. I

Kids Party Etiquette

Dear Kathi,All of my friends are confused about attending parties with our

Organizing Piles

Dear Kathi,I seem to spend my time constantly tackling piles around my

The Problems Of Clutter When Working From Home

If you are an ecommerce entrepreneur working from home you may find

Organizing Collections

Dear Kathi,I like to collect shot glasses and sports memorabilia. My wife is

Garage Playroom Before & After

Before: Can you believe 2 little boys can make this much of a

Organizing Small Closets

Dear Kathi,I have a really hard time storing my clothes. My closet

A Messy Pantry Gets Organized

Before:  A mother asked for our help when she became fed up

Organizing Toys

Dear Kathi,I have five kids and their toys have taken over my

Keep Bathroom Countertops Clean and Organized

Dear Kathi,My bathroom makes me want to scream. I hate trying to

Purchasing Quality Shirts

Dear Kathi,I am getting ready to restock my dress shirts. In the

Organize and Prioritize

Dear Kathi,I am determined to use my time more effectively this year.

Letting Go of Clothes

Dear Kathi,My closet is full of clothes that I don’t want to

Gifts for Friends with Limited Space

Dear Kathi,What type of gift would you recommend for my friends who

Death By Clutter: Sometimes Your Mess Can Kill You

We’re all guilty of amassing clutter in some form. Whether it’s a

Top 10 Things Clients Say When Getting Organized!

I love this list. It was sent to me from a fellow

Myth #12 About Clutter and Getting Organized

Myth # 12I am a hoarderJust because you have too much stuff

Myth #11 About Clutter and Getting Organized

Myth #11If there is open space in my closet, desk or drawer,

Myth #10 About Clutter and Getting Organized

Myth #10I might really need this some dayOne of my clients came

Myth #9 About Clutter and Getting Organized

Myth #9I need to keep this in order to remember what fun

Myth #8 About Clutter and Getting Organized

Myth #8I need storage containers before I can get organized.So many clients

Myth #7 About Clutter and Getting Organized

Myth #7Clutter is a bunch of junk that I should be able

Myth #6 About Clutter and Getting Organized

Myth #6I have to keep this because my friend gave it to

Easy Ways To Prepare Your Tax Return Faster

If you are feeling overwhelmed as the April 15th tax deadline approaches,

Myth #5 About Clutter and Getting Organized

Myth #5I need to find the perfect place or person to give

Myth #4 About Clutter and Getting Organized

Myth #4Clutter is always a messy business!In my world and in my

Myth #3 About Clutter and Getting Organized

Myth #3When I get rid of my clutter, I will finally be

Myth #2 About Clutter and Getting Organized

Myth #2I don’t have time to get organized.Not true. We all have

Busting Ten Myths About Clutter and Getting Organized

What does it really take to live efficiently? We have many misperceptions

Letting Go After a Loved One has Passed Away

Often I’ve been called in to help people with what I consider

3 Myths About Clutter That Are Probably Causing You Stress

Look around you, if you see mess and clutter, it is causing

Are Your Papers Organized and Filed?

Are your papers organized? Would you like an easy to use paper

Can You Get Your Kids To Organize Their Rooms? Yes, You Can!

Contrary to what you may think, it IS possible for your kids

Keeping Your Jewelry Collection Organized

Keeping your jewelry organized and easily accessible is the key to having

Organizing Your Refrigerator Can Expand Your Wallet and Reduce Your Waistline

Today I’m going to share with you the often overlooked importance of

Six Benefits of Getting Organized

Want to lose weight?                  

3 Questions to Help Alleviate Clutter Overwhelm

Today I’m going to shed some light on your relationship with “stuff”.Think

Best Practices For Organizing Your Garage

Situation: The garage had become a holding zone for household items and

An Organized Fridge Helps You Lose Weight and Save Money

Today I’m going to share with you the often overlooked importance of

7 Steps For Creating an Efficient Toy or Sports Closet

Use this 7 step process to organize and create a toy closet

Tips to Help You Get Your Garage Organized

As with any other space within your home, a well-organized garage always

Do You Need to Get Your Garage Organized?

Why do people park $30,000-50,000 cars in their driveway – exposed to

Where Did That Come From?! Consuming Less Helps You Become Better Organized

Many people acquire possessions without thought. During private consultations, my clients often

Want to get motivated to get your life organized? Listen to this statistic:

About 80% of the clutter in your home is a result of

Recycle Old Toothbrushes

When you come across old toothbrushes, do not put these into the

Conserve Ink and Print Faster

I just discovered a way to conserve ink in my printer. I

What to do with Laptop & Cellphone Batteries

Laptop, Cell phone and MP3 batteries should be recycled.These types of batteries

What to do with Dead Batteries

If you hesistate to toss your batteries in to the trash, you

Recycle your Old Ink Cartridges

Don’t toss them into the trash!Did you know that USPS provides free

Recycle your Old Cellphones

Go ahead and clean out your junk drawers and all of the

Where to Recycle Your Old Electronics

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (visit site), electronic waste can contain

Recycle Your Television

There are over 99 million tv’s in the US alone and only

Go Green in the Shower

Have everything you need in the shower and hop in as soon

Recycling Cans is Not Just for the Homeless

Recycling one 6 pack of cans saves enough energy to power a

Go Green With Your Party Utensils

Using plastic products for your next party might save you time but

Paper Napkins at Your Party? Go Green Instead

Go green and add more class to your party with linens!Skip paper

10 Lifestyle Guidelines for Trimming Down Your Clutter

1. If you are looking for something and you are unable to

Go Green for Your Next Party

Thinking about having a big shindig this summer? This week I will

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Source Reduction is a mission we all need to embrace more and

Downsizing to a Smaller Home

Dear Kathi,My husband and I have recently downsized to a smaller house.

Lessons from My Pedestal Sink and My Cosmetics Collection

After moving into our new home, I discovered very quickly that I

How to Organize your Closet with an App- Is your iPhone Really that Smart?

It’s almost time for work and you don’t have a clue what

Book and Paper Clutter Can Cause Overwhelm and Make You Miss Opportunities

Hello,Thank you for all the wonderful information that you share. My story,

5 Incredibly Easy Bathroom Organizing & Storage Tips

1. Keep a separate bucket of cleaning products in each major cleaning area.2. Use

A Clever Jewelry Organizer

Here’s an easy way to organize your jewelry. Simply buy a fishing

Daily Tip #9: Money Can’t Buy Happiness

Your possessions can create a false reality of happiness. I recently read

Daily Tip #8: Internal Conflict Creates External Clutter

Sometimes clutter can be an indicator that the person wants to retreat

Daily Tip #7: Let Go of the Past

Here is another ‘clutter versus change’ scenario to ponder. Sometimes people hold

Daily Tip #6: Ditch the “Skinny” Clothes

Clutter happens when your life changes and you are not really ready

Daily Tip #5: Confront the Cause of Your Clutter

There are many hidden reasons why people have cluttered surroundings. It could

Daily Tip #4: Stop Paper Clutter from Entering Your Home

Here’s a staggering statistic: The average disorganized home contains over 3000 documents.

Daily Tip #1: Start the New Year Strong!

Happy 2015!This is the perfect year to create new opportunities and positive

Storing Your Holiday Decorations for Next Year

Here are some easy tips to organize and store your holiday decorations

Recycle Your Used or Old Holiday Cards to Charity

As you clean up after the holidays, you might have a pile

How to Get Organized, Recycle and Move Your Excess Forward

This is the perfect time to move your bounty forward – Here

New Years Resolutions

Dear Kathi,I would like to keep my New Years resolutions next year.

Planning and Organizing a New Years Party

Dear Kathi,I am planning a party this New Year and would like

Organizing and Clutter-Free Gift Solutions

If you’re ever stuck on what to get someone and afraid your

Organizing for the New Year

Dear Kathi,I would like to keep my New Years resolutions. I know

Your Laundry Hamper – Your Most Important Bedroom Organizing Tool

Use a Hamper (or two)The most important organizing tool you can have

What to Do with Magazines and Interesting Articles

Hi Kathi,I just discovered your website and really enjoyed it!  But what

A Fashion Question – Tights or Hose?

Kathi! Help! We are headed to my friends wedding on Long Island.

7 Tips For a More Organized Master Closet

1. Keep all clothing and shoes off of the floor.2. Keep enough space under

Tips for Relocating and Moving

Dear Kathi,Next month my family will be relocating to Florida for my

If You Have Clutter, Listen Up!

Most people are fearful about change. When we make change, we are

7 Tips for a More Organized Closet

1. Keep all clothing and shoes off the floor2. Keep the floor clear easy

Reinventing Yourself After A Layoff or Corporate Downsize

The best way to begin reinventing yourself after a layoff is to

When to Turn to Temporary Self Storage Options

Before you read this article, make sure you re-read the title: When

Another Shoe Organizing Idea

I came across this idea on Pinterest and love it! I thought

Organizing Your Linen Closet and Downsizing Your Sheet Collection

Last Sunday I spent a bit of time purging and organizing my

garage, car, declutter, parking, automobile, organizing

Garage Organizing in a Day

This weekend I found myself unmucking a garage so that yet another

Why Being Organized Can Make You Healthier

Having a cluttered home makes it very difficult to find what you

10 Ways to Turn Your Bedroom from Clutter Filled to Designer Chic

It’s easy for a bedroom to become disorganized. As one of the

Organizing a Shared Bathroom ~ 14 Tips to Keep Your Bathroom Chaos Free

If several household members are sharing a bathroom, follow these 14 tips

Organizing Your Holiday Schedule

Dear Kathi,I get overwhelmed every year around this time and always feel

Organize Your Holiday Tasks With These Quick Tips

Save Your Christmas Card List as a Word Document so you can

Finish Your Holiday Tasks Early This Year!

Create a Holiday Organizing Binder – Create one this year and use it for years

Women, Divorce and Clutter: How to Leave Strong!

Recently I had a golden opportunity to collaborate with a group of

Keeping Your Jewelry Organized and Safe While Traveling

I don't know about you, but when I travel, I need to

Organizing Holiday Decorations

Dear Kathi,Every year as I unpack my holiday decorations, I am overwhelmed

Helping Kids Learn Organizing Skills is a Worthwhile Endeavor

One of my readers seems to be at her wits end trying

Want to teach your kids how to save money?

Tap into their video game passion and make their playtime pay off.

10 Things We Can Do To Achieve Balance

1. Quality time with family.Choosing to pick up my daughter from school

Go Green, Buy Less and Repurpose Your Coffee Filters

COFFEE FILTERS – Quick solutions for something you probably already own and

Organizing Holiday Cards

Dear Kathi,I am beginning to plan for the holidays and already feel

Tips for Decluttering Your Life and Your Home

I recently received a question from an addSpace follower. I am certain

Home Organization Includes Creating an Organized and Efficient Home Office

I was sitting at our kitchen table, with my computer and a

Managing Your Reading Clutter

One of the biggest contributors to paper clutter is the amount of

What Sets addSpace Apart From Other Coaching Services

Here is a quick Q&A to help you understand a bit more

How To Stay Organized and Have More Time for Yourself

Dear Kathi,How do you get started when organizing seems like a big elephant looming

Organize Your Magazines, Reduce Clutter, Read More

Too many magazines, too little time ~ this summer, I vow to

Organizing Time for the Holidays

Time is our most precious resource. We all have the same amount

A Wedding Gown for an Emerald ~ First in the Series-> A Gown for Every Body

Almost every year I find myself working with brides to help them

8 Tips to Downsize with Less Effort

Many of us experience the need to downsize or help others downsize.

What to do in an Earthquake – The Triangle of Life Technique

As an Ohio native, I grew up around tornadoes and knew what

5 Tips for Creating More Space in Your Home Office

Working from a home office can have many conveniences. Being at home

Spring Cleaning and Shoe Donations

Hello Kathi,I did spring cleaning. I filled 5+ bags of clothes, and

19 Ways to Green Your Office

Despite numerous government schemes and seemingly constant press coverage, when it comes

How to Get Your Teenager to Organize Their Bedroom

This is a transcription of an interview that I had with a

Tricks for Transitioning from Work to Retiree Wardrobe

Dear Kathi,Women go through many changes in their lives. Making the transition

Expediting Your Morning Routine When You Have Children

One of the most difficult aspects of raising children that parents often

Recycling and Donation Centers in San Diego County

Recycling & Donations In San Diego CountyTABLE OF CONTENTS1Automobiles 2Batteries 3Books /

Six Tips For Managing Your College Schedule

Your first year away at college can be stressful. After a long

Mastering Your Goals Through Thought, Speech and Action

This is an excerpt from my book~ How to Master Your Muck. If you

Clean Out Your Refrigerator

November is National ‘Clean Out Your Refrigerator’ Month! Do you have any

What to take to bed with you – not a joke

Put your car keys beside your  bed at night. Tell your spouse,

Recycling Your Old Computers

You just purchased a new computer but might be in a quandary

Makeup Storage Solution by an Inventive Client!

Most women wonder what to do with their makeup collection. For the

Ten Tips for One Suitcase Packing

You are faced with many tough decisions when you decide to pack

Three Sure-Fire Ways to Organize the Canned Goods in Your Pantry

Although my family eats mainly fresh vegetables, we still need to keep

Organizing and Preserving Your Family Photos

What You Should Know About Photo StorageEveryone has pictures. Our photographs hold

Get Organized – Go Green – Support Your Local School System

Your local school art and music programs need your clutter!Clear your clutter

Eight Quick and Easy Kitchen Storage Solutions

As a Professional Organizer, over the years I have tested and used

A new and incredibly easy way to organize your purse!

I was asked to test out a new product recently and I

What is NAPO and what is a CPO?

If you are considering hiring an organizer to help you with your

Top 5 Ways Tips to Save Time and Be Organized While Moving

When you move, your life is literally turned upside down with everything

Organizing List of Tasks

Dear Kathi,I am determined to use my time more effectively this year.

Organizing Your Pet’s Clutter

Ok,  I already know that Fido has too many toys and does

It Takes 4-6 Weeks to Develop a New Habit- How Will You Eliminate Bad Habits?

STOP…CHALLENGE…CHOOSEA friend/client sent emailed this  to me and I thought you might

Scrapbook Organizing Tips

Many of my clients are stuck in the muck of their scrap

Storing Seasonal Sports Clothing

Hi Kathi,Thanks for the great tips on sock organization…. It seems to

Mommy Tips for Surviving Teenage Schedules

This one is from Maria Bailey of Blue Suit Mom fame and

What Items Should I Place in the Different Sizes of Moving Box?

I received a question the other day that made me search for

How to Organize Before a Move

When preparing to move, many folks don’t know where to start. The

Clothing Sizes and Fit ~ why it is difficult to find the right size

Finding the right size clothes is often a very mysterious and painstaking

Leftovers, Fridge Storage and Weight Loss

Pre-planning what you eat on a regular basis will save you money

Garage Organizing ~ FAQ

Here are a few answers to my most frequently asked questions:Q) What

Organizing for College move-in day starts with preparation

Sept 3, 2008By Maria Connor – Featuring tips from Kathi Burnspublished in

Enjoy Summer in the Perfect Hat

A Guide for Choosing the Right Hat Are you looking for the perfect

Little Known Secrets For Photo Storage

Proper photo storage is more than simply placing pictures in a photo

Finding a Reputable Mover

As fall approaches many of us, including myself are in transition and

How to store almost anything, both at home and in storage units

As much as I try to discourage clients from using offsite storage

Dressing for Success – There is Life After Kids

Everyone reaches milestones where their lives change forever. Babies arrive, schedules become

The Keys to Designing a Functional Kitchen

Today, kitchens are the focal point of many homes and account for

Deep Bathroom Shelves Can Become a Black Hole

Kathi,I have a challenge for you:I have built-in shelving in my bathroom. 

Glove Compartment Organization 101

The glove compartment inside of your vehicle is most likely used for

8 Dont’s When Working at Home

1. Don’t let your workspace become a ‘catch all’ for junk or

Use hanging file folders to seperate papers within file drawers

The filing question from yesterday reminds me of another common scenario. I

File papers into hanging folders ‘heads to the right’

Recently a client wrote to me with a very good question. I

Paper Shredding Services

A question recently came through my InBox and I thought many of

The First 30 Days, Your Guide to Any Change

I had the good fortune to meet a kindred spirit, Ariane de

Eco Friendly Organizing – Computer Donations & Recycling

If you have ancient, unusable computers lurking in your closets, now is

Top Ten Tips for Organizing Your Medicine Cabinet

Have you or someone in your family ever felt that “cold coming

Dressing for a Formal Birthday Party

Hi there,I read your article on Dressing For A Formal Event. I was hoping

Three Steps To Organizing Your Bedroom

If you want your bedroom to be a refuge from the busyness

Bedroom Organization 101: Tame Your Closet and Manage Your Entertainment

Bedroom organization is crucial to creating an environment that is soothing and

Organizing a Study Space in Your Child’s Room

A child’s room often needs to serve as both a play area

4 Tips to Eliminate Clutter and Create Positive Feng Shui in Your Home

There are two very popular interests related to the home: getting rid

Organizing Your Child’s Playroom

Our kids accumulate belongings starting at birth and continuing throughout the rest

Mailman Blues? Piles & piles of mail to sort through daily?

Solution: Sort your mail before you bring it into your home. Discard

Can’t leave home because you can’t find your keys?

Seriously folks, it’s as easy as hanging a hook by the door.

Overwhelmed by Clutter?

Solution: Start with the most visible eyesore piles in your life. Dedicate

The missing sock syndrome – it happens to all of us!

Solution: Keep an old pillowcase in your laundry area. When a lone

Have a hodgepodge of collections throughout your house?

Solution: Store with style. Create or buy attractive storage containers suited for

Ready to clean but can’t find the scrubber brush?

Solution: Keep a separate bucket of cleaning products in each major cleaning

Need a checklist to keep focused?

Tip: First make a note of the areas that you need to

Do you have a jumble of loose photographs?

Solution: Find the photos that you really love & frame them. For

Want to get organized but don’t know where to start?

Solution: Tackle one room at a time. For starters, take on the

Too many things to read? Organize Your reading Material

Solution: Create temporary storage for the items that come & go in

Extreme Organizing For Travel – one carry-on bag and a satchel

The key to packing lightly is to choose one main color palette,

Darker Skin Tones and Hair Color

Dear Kathi,I have attached a picture of me, please tell me what

Organizing Bedrooms

Your bedroom is your refuge away from the busy life you lead

Dressing Casual at Work

Our style of dressing at work and elsewhere becomes our trademark. We

Bathroom Organizing Before & After

Situation: Papers and other non-bathroom related items clogging up the bathroom counter

The addSpace Guide to Ridding Your House of ‘Kid Clutter’

The kids hit school age, and suddenly everything they own is underfoot.

Organize Backyard Garden Shed

As summer arrives and the yard and garden beckon, the problem of

Taking back and organizing your garage

Would you like to use your garage for its intended purpose? If

Recycle Your Family Treasures

Two of my clients provide a great example of why it pays

Ten quick refrigerator organizing tips, Plus 5 freezer organizing tips

1. If your fridge is not equipped with enough drawers for your

Time Management Basics (PT2)

Take Control and Create More TimeArrive early for appointments* Relieve unnecessary stress*

Effective Time Management Helps You Get What You Want

Abe Lincoln’s Philosophy:“One hour of preparation saves me eight hours of perspiration.”Abraham

Organizing using Feng Shui

A reader asks:Dear Kathi,I am really interested in clearing my clutter for

Organizing Kitchen

A good kitchen design will have streamlined workflow patterns and also compliment

Organizing Baby Clothes

A reader asks:Kathi,I have an old leather trunk with a shelf inside,

Organize Business Contacts

Do you feel like you drop the ball on customer follow up?

Organizing Refrigerators

Do you feel like you can never find anything in your refrigerator?

What’s in Your Junk Drawer?

It’s time for me to admit that I have not cleaned out

Organizing Garages

Dear Kathi,We have a two car garage and cannot fit one car

Organizing a Shared Bathroom

Dear Kathi,My bathroom is small and very disorganized. We just moved in

Organizing for ADHD

Dear Kathi,Here’s the scene: I have three kids and a husband who

Cleaning and Organizing Your Closet

Dear Kathi,I would love to know how to make multiple outfits out

A Garage Gets Organized

Situation: This client has a 3 car garage with no room left

Clearing Clutter using Feng Shui

Dear Kathi,I am really interested in clearing my clutter for better feng

An Overstuffed Closet Get Organized

She also has a stash of books about organizing, but because she

Organizing Baggage

Dear Kathi,I have a three-bedroom home with a two-car garage. I recently

Finding the Right Suit

Dear Kathi,I am in the market for a new suit. This time

Organizing Children’s Toys and Clothes

Dear Kathi,I am a work-at-home mom, not to be confused with a

Organizing Home and Work Schedule

Dear Kathi,I have been a stay at home mom for the past

Organizing and Eliminating Paper Flow

Dear Kathi,I recently made a commitment to clear out the enormous amount

Life Without Clutter. . .

Today I want to let you in on some little-known facts…First: studies

The Twilight Zone ~ Your Piles of Books and Magazines

Today I’m actually not going to talk about the Twilight Zone, specifically…

Eliminating Clutter and Stale Energy

Dear Kathi,How do you get started when organizing seems like a big

Need to Get Your Business Ramped Up and More Successful? Check Out This Office Organization Online Course

It's Time to Finally Get Your Office Organized & Simplified Focus on growing your

Shelves Can Create Storage in Old Sheds

Dear Kathi,Now that it is summer and my kids are off from

Organizing RV Packing List

Dear Kathi,We are getting ready to go on another adventure in our

Organizing Study Areas

Dear Kathi, I would like to organize my middle school son's room

Organizing Under Kitchen Sink

Dear Kathi,I have tried for years to organize the space underneath my

Organizing Time for Self

Dear Kathi, How do you get started when organizing seems like a

What to Wear with Wide Hips and Long Legs

Dear Kathi,I am ready to clean out my closet and get rid

5 Office Organizing Solutions

Dear Kathi,My desk is overloaded with papers and bills. I have tried

Time Management, Organizing To-do List

Dear Kathi,I really need to find a way to manage my schedule

Document Storage

Dear Kathi,My wife and I are having an argument about what papers

Organize Old Photos

Dear Kathi,I have a jumble of loose photographs in shoeboxes, drawers and

Organize next move to make unpacking a breeze

Dear Kathi,I moved into my new home two weeks ago. I feel

Finding Storage in Small Spaces

May is National Moving Month and also, ironically, National Mental Health Month.

A Few of My Favorite Kitchen Organizing Products

This page contains items that I have in my kitchen and enjoy

5 Tips to Help Organize Your Mail

Dear Kathi,My mail is out of control. What can I do with

Finally ~ an Easy Way to Keep Cords From Sliding Off Your Desk

I have had the good fortune to try out a new cord

Tote Buddy Saves Time and Money Grocery Shopping

The Tote Buddy is a fashionable binder that holds about 10 reusable

Organizing Shoes

Dear Kathi,Help! My shoes have taken over my entire closet. They are

Practical Garage Organization

Dear Kathi,I have a garage for the first time and I want

Finding the Solution to Lost-Sock Syndrome

Dear Kathi,I am experiencing sock challenges. For starters, I never can seem

Organizing Your Home Office

Kathi,I need help setting up my home office space. I have recently

Staying Organized During Relocation

Dear Kathi,Next month my family will be relocating to Florida for my

Organize Old Manuals with Folders

Dear Kathi,My husband insists on saving the manuals and warranty slips for

Downsizing from Large Home

Dear Kathi,We are getting ready to downsize from a 3,500 square foot

Purging and Downsizing

Dear Kathi, We have acquired a lot of furniture over the years

Dressing for Menopause with Style

Dear Kathi,I’m going through menopause and I can’t seem to find anything

Garage Organization

Dear Kathi,We are really motivated to clean out our garage this summer.

How to Keep Your Refrigerator Organized ~ Maintaining Order in Your Fridge

Dear Kathi,I can never seem to find anything in my refrigerator. I

Wardrobe Update for Working Mom

Q: I want to create a new image and update my wardrobe. My

Organizing Teaching Materials

Dear Kathi,I am a Special Ed schoolteacher. I hate to spend time

Stash Before You Trash with Semi-Permanent Storage Solutions

Although you may want to devote a single weekend to performing a

Planning a Wedding on Short Notice

Dear Kathi,I am getting married this September. We have just begun planning

Car Organization

Dear Kathi,I am a sales rep and work out of my car.

Clothes Storage

Dear Kathi,I have enough dresser space to hold all of my casual

Organizing Systems

Dear Kathi,I am a housewife but my partner is the organizer in

Organizing the Hall Closet

Kathi,My hall closet is always a mess! It’s full of coats and

Organizing Weight Loss

Dear Kathi, This is my year to finally lose weight. I know

Organizing Appointments

Dear Kathi,My system for remembering appointments is not working. I can’t keep

Organizing Storage Shed

Dear Kathi,My husband wants to convert our shed into a workshop. I’m

Are you disorganized top to bottom, side to side, and every other way imaginable?

Hi Kathi, I was curious if you could give a starting point

Organize Trophy Collection

Dear Kathi,My son has been playing little league baseball for six years

Organizing Newspapers

Dear Kathi,My home is overrun with newspapers and magazines. We read the

Organizing Dish Towels

Dear Kathi,I need to find a new system for organizing my kitchen

Organizing Keys

Dear Kathi,I have a hard time leaving home every morning because I

Organizing Your Clothes

Dear Kathi,My closets and dressers are making me crazy. I can’t find

Organizing Home Office

Kathi,I work from home and can’t seem to stay focused. My desk

Organizing Hobbies

Kathi,My husband has a lot of hobbies that are spread throughout the

Work at Home Moms, Home Offices, Kids

Dear Kathi, Do you have any tips for work at home moms?

Clothing Advice For Plus-Size Hour Glass Body

Dear Kathi,I am in an office most of the time, as I

Bathroom Cabinet Organization

Dear Kathi, My cabinets under the bathroom sink are always crowded and

Organizing a Large House

Dear Kathi,Why do you think there is such a need for organizers

Home Office Design, Organizing Desk Configuration (part 2)

(Part 2) Doris, This week I would like to discuss your teenage

Home Office Design, Organizing Desk Configuration (part 1)

Dear Kathi,There is a debate in our household about the set up

Refrigerator Organizing & Organizing Grocery Shopping

Dear Kathi,I have a small refrigerator and am constantly losing things in

Organizing Toy Storage & Hall Closet Organizing

Dear Kathi,I have a very small hall closet that currently is used

Organizing a Home Based Business

Dear Kathi,“I am updating the office space for my home-based business. In

Get Control of Your Time and Become More Productive

Need a few solid tips to become more productive and get better

Dressing Casual Without Jeans

Dear Kathi,I’m 42 years old, petite (5′ 1″), short-waisted, pear-shaped, and about

Organizing a Small Kitchen

Dear Kathi,I live in a small cottage and don’t have enough drawer

Watercolor Artist Gets His Supplies Organized

Situation: A watercolor artist and instructor needed to get his art supplies

Party Etiquette

Q: How far in advance should I invite guests to my party?A:

Garage Organizing

Dear Kathi,We are moving across country and will have a new three-car

Living in a Small Space

Hi Kathi, My partner and I live in the smaller bedroom of

Are you a Professional Waster?

Are you a Professional Waster? Do you waste minutes and even hours

A note about space and why it’s important

A comment after my appearance on the Business Explosion Panel:“Loved what you said today about

Organizing Post Christmas Blues

Want to feel great next year before the holidays begin? Create a

Organized House Cleaning

Kathi,I hate to clean but can’t afford a housekeeper. How can I

Refrigerator Organization

November is National Clean Out Your Refrigerator Month, so let's talk turkey

Beach Cottage Basement Witnesses 5 Generations of History

Situation: A beach cottage with at least five generations of family memorabilia stashed

addSpace receives the Best of Encinitas Award!

(prREACH) January 11, 2014 — addSpace to Your Life! a professional organizing and

Healthy New Year Habits for Entrepreneurs

Manage your emails and phone callsa. Never check email or voice mail

Year End Gratitude Sale ~ Teleconsulting ~ buy 3 hours get one free!

Happy Holidays from addSpace To Your Life!  As the year ends, I

Year End Gratitude Organizing Special

I feel so honored that you have invited me into your life

Create a Gift Station for Yourself this Holiday Season

As the holidays draw near there, is nothing better than a having

How a busy family organized their entryway table

Situation: This client has a busy family, with people often running in

Colored Tubs for Holiday Decor – Get Them Now

This is the time to get your colored holiday tubs. They come

Clear the Clutter Before the Holidays

As a child the holiday season seems so magical. Houses are decorated,

Stop Junk Mail!

The DirectMail.com National Do Not Mail ListThe key to stopping unwanted advertising

Learn How to Dress Your Best ~ Part One ~ The Wardrobe Audit

Natalie : Hi I’m Natalie Ledwell and this is the Inspiration Show.

Learn How To Dress Your Best ~ Part Two ~ The Makeover Results

Natalie : Hi I’m Natalie Ledwell and this is the Inspiration Show

How a busy cook got the spices in her kitchen organized

(Transcripton)Belinda: As an example of what I’m talking about, I’m quite the

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addSpace To Your Life! is a top San Diego, CA professional organizer

Free Organizing Tele Summit!

Are you ready for a RESET????Summer is over and the holiday season

Recycle and Donate Your Old Eyeglasses This Friday!

This Friday September 6, 2013, you will have the chance to help

Four Rules to Help Maintain Order in an Organized Home

Maintaining an organized home, is what I like to call keeping your

What steps do I need to take to clear my clutter?

Start with making this agreement with yourself in advance: If I don’t

Do not let your possessions possess you!

No matter what your life situation is, clutter happens. If you have

I want to get de-cluttered. Where do I start?

Start wherever you can even if it is the junk drawer. You

Getting Organized Increases Your Self-Esteem

A large part of getting organized is learning to act from a

Muck Happens to Everyone ~ Here’s what to do about it

A favorite phrase of people lately is “life happens.” Life, in fact,

Clutter Follows the Law of Attraction

If you have studied the Law of Attraction, you have probably figured

A Laundry Room Comes Clean

Situation: This is typical for a laundry room- lots of clutter on

Closet Transformation

Situation: This client had a lovely walk in closet that had been

This kitten is organized and ready to travel

Travelling with cats is not so easy but this little one is

Wedding Gown Dreams Can Come True

This is one of my favorite case studies!  A wedding gown is

A Messy Makeup Drawer Gets Organized

Situation:Many of us have makeup drawers that are simply not functional. This

How to Organize an Overflowing Linen Closet

Situation: This linen closet was stuffed full of sheets, towels, and toiletries.

Learn how to get your home organized during this free presentation

Did you know that clearing the clutter in your home will eliminate

How to turn a cluttered closet into a store for extra goods

Situation: This hall closet was full of mismatched stuff, old linens and

How to Organize ANY Closet

Would you like to get inspired to clean out your closets and

The Iron Versus The Cat

Monopoly claims that ironing is on a decline. Why not tell that

How to Organize Your Laundry Area

Situation: This laundry area was unorganized and under utilized. As you can

How an Ikea closet system can turn a small closet into big storage

This is what you can do with the Ikea ready made self

How to keep school papers organized

Overwhelmed by all the papers your kid brings home from school? Make

Author Christine Fonseca’s muck

Even successful writers have muck! When working creatively, it’s easy for the

How to downsize your wardrobe

Do you have too many clothes and nowhere to store them? If

A great piece of advice from a Master your Muck reader

Here’s a great tip from Bobbi, who read Master your Muck and

Green Tips For Your Next Party

Ok, so you dont want to use paper products and you definitely dont want

Conquer the paper piles

If you have papers piling up on your kitchen counter or the

Don’t keep every heirloom you inherit

One of the most challenging kinds of muck is the muck that

How to control clutter in a big family

Do you have a big family in a small house? The more

How to combat perfectionism

Do you get so caught up in staying organized and putting things

What to do with “not clean but not dirty” clothes

Do you have a pile in your bedroom or closet of clothes

A Space Efficient Way to Organize Office Supplies

More and more people are working from home offices, either part time

A text from the beach

That’s funny I just got your eTips while at the beach.I’m enjoying