Hi Kathi,

I came in contact with this page: https://addspacetoyourlife.com/340/best-colors-for-darker-skin-tone/

Would you be kind enough to tell me what skin tone I am by looking at my photo?

Thank you in advance,

Virginia Njeri Kamau > Graphic Designer > Karlskrona Sweden

 Hi Virginia,

It appears that your skin has almond undertones. It is hard to be certain without seeing you in person. I would say that you will look best in warm tones. Probably warm, vibrant saturated colors will look best against your skin. Experiment with these colors and see if you get compliments the day you wear them. Typically if you are wearing the right colors folks will say things like “You look great” “You look so rested”.

You can also learn when you are wearing the wrong colors. On those days, folks might say “You look tired” or “Are you feeling OK today?” These comments indicate that your skin is looking more sallow or pale which, in turn, makes you look tired or sickly. The goal in choosing the right colors is to look vibrant and healthy.

You can do a quick test with colors by holding them up to your face. If your face moves forward when you hold up a color against it, it is good. If you hold up a color and your face appears to recede away from you, this is not such a great color. If you cant tell by yourself, enlist the help of a friend and do this experiment against a neutral colored wall in natural light.

The pink shirt in your video appears slightly cooler toned with a blue-ish tint. Is this correct? It is hard to tell on computer monitors, as I am sure you realize since you are a graphic artist! The gray shirt also tends to wash out your complexion. I think saffron, dark warm oranges/corrals or cranberry tones would look great on you.

Experiment with vibrant colors and see what comments you receive. People automatically know when others look well but often do not realize why. Use these indicators and you are on your way to finding your perfect power colors! By the way, everyone has a shade of red that works for their skin tone, it just make take a few trial and errors to find the perfect shade. Yours should be a deep warm red.

Thanks for your question and I hope this info helps. Feel free to contact me again with other questions.

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