Much of our life is tied to money in some way—and most of us associate money with freedom.

And since freedom is a basic tenet of our being, coming into alignment with money will help establish a balanced footing that will be of value to you in all other aspects of your experience.

If you are one of the people like me who was never taught how to handle money or credit card debt, you might be struggling with bills and exploring ways to climb your way out of debt.

If you are one of the fortunate who was taught how to handle your finances – yay for you and kudos to your parents for teaching you this super important skill.

Knowing that you have your eye constantly focused on your finances I am sure you are very interested in learning more ways you can save even more!

Whatever getting ahead and coming into better alignment with your spending habits and finances looks like to you – I am sure there are many areas where you can save and even make more money.

For me, getting ahead meant eliminating my credit card debt and saving money. Now I am so happy to discover even more simple and every day ways to build a larger nest egg!

One of the joys in my career as a professional organizer is teaching new skills to my clients that save them time, money and stress.

This is why I have developed a new masterclass about organizing as it relates to saving money and taking charge of your finances.

Watch the video and click here  to learn more:

How to Get out of debt from Kathi Burns, CPO on Vimeo.