Have you ever battled to get your fashionista daughter dressed and out the door in time for school? In a recent interview with Woman’s Day Magazine, I was asked for a few tips to get the frenzied mom and kids out of the door in the morning in a more harmonious way.

Too many clothes  combined with a fashion oriented child makes for a slow ‘getting out the door and off to school’ morning process. I recently received a new product sample that can definitely help with this challenge. It does take pre-planning BUT, just like any other organizing tacticthe time you spend pre-planning each weekend  will pay off in spades throughout the week.

This is how it can work: Every Sunday night, you and your fashion savvy child can select and accessorize (of course!) outfits for the entire week. One for each day! The Organizables Team has created cool hanging bags that will keep every choice for each day contained and waiting for the morning routine, including shoes, socks, and accessories!

Not only will your morning routine go faster, your endless arguments about fashion will be consolidated into one day, the day you decide together what to select for school attire. Additionally, the closet will be less cluttered and chaotic. Purging at the end of each school year will also take less effort because you will be much more aware of what was actually worn throughout the year! Each bag is marked with the day of the week – Monday through Friday. Each bag also has two pockets to hold the small accessories for each outfit including undies, socks, and shoes.

These bags can also be folded up and used as travel bags to keep overnight weekend trips and family vacations better organized. You can get a set for each child. The boys set comes in blue. You can find these bags online at www.Organizables.com.

So, once again the moral to this story is, a little pre-planning with the proper tools will keep your better organized and less stressed as you proceed throughout the week. If you want to read more solutions to get you out the door faster from my Woman’s Day Article, click here!