Moving to a new home can be one of the most exciting times in your life It can also be one of the most stressful. Moving makes you hit the reset button on your house, your location, your familiar routes and go-to places. You may be moving just across town or possibly across the country or globe. Either way, moving into a new home can present several logistical nightmares and unforeseen headaches.

While moving has plenty of exciting changes, it takes a lot of preparation. Eventually you will reach the phase of comfort and relaxation in your new life and new space. Thanks to the internet and the abundance of services available, moving can be made more easier, personalized, and worry-free than ever before!

Don’t get buried in stress during your move.

Here are 5 helpful ways to organize your move!

Sell It: We all know that parting ways with things can be difficult. This is much easier to do if there is an incentive on the other side. Moving is a bit like spring cleaning, you dig through overlooked items and purge. Get rid of the things you no longer need or maybe even forgot you owned. There’s no such thing as too much extra cash during a move. While packing consider making a “to be sold” pile. Be sure to pack a bit in advance so you have time to list, sell, and ship the items across various platforms. From Craigslist or ebay to Letgo, and even Poshmark (clothing) there is a service that will find a buyer for your junk. Lighten your load. You will benefit with less stuff to pack up and more cash for unpacking day!

Ship It: Online shopping is nothing new anymore, it’s no surprise that we are increasingly a culture of buy-it-now and all online! During a move take advantage of companies who ship their products directly to you at no additional cost. This might be your new couch, home decor/finishing, or fresh pantry full of groceries. Consider convenience and ship it direct! Today, brands like Casper ship premium quality mattresses (packed in a box) directly to you and your new home!

Store It: Storage Units are a big business in America, from mobile units to self storage centers. You can take advantage of the option that best suits your move. Portable storage is a popular trend,. With this option, you pack your belongings away in one location and meet and then unpack at your destination. Pods are a great universal option. Other similar ideas exist on local, state and regional levels. Be sure to shop around and find which storage option works best for you. Whether you need long term, temporary, or overnight – there’s an option for you!

An Essential Kit: One of the most frustrating parts of the moving limbo is having your belongings packed away. This leads to a who knows what is where in a sea full of boxes. Consider staying one step ahead of the manic meltdown and pack away an essentials bag for the transitionary phase of your move.  You can do this whether this is one week or only overnight. Be sure to include must haves like, medicine and medical related goods, chargers, important documents. Also include valuables, technology, toiletries and other personal go-to items that you don’t want to replace.

Unpacking Plan: A plan of attack for packing and unpacking is essential for a smooth move. It can be as simple as labeling boxes. You should also create a rough outline of where boxes should go at the new location. Another common rule of thumb is to unpack one room completely at a time. For instance you could start with the bedroom, then the bathroom and the kitchen (the most important spaces). If you’re unpacking project is complex and too daunting to configure, consider hiring a professional organizer to assist you and simplify the process.