Life was too busy to put things away. We all know the drill, we work long hours, we come home exhausted and simply heave whatever is in our hands onto the nearest available surface.

This is what happens to all of us if we do not take the time to create landing zones for our possesions.



Create zones for most used items. Take a minute to distribute your items to these zones as you fininsh with them. It takes only a few minutes more to put your belongings away than it does to drop them onto the first elligible horizontal surface.

In fact, after you spend a precious weekend morning putting these loose items away, you might just decide to do it as you go after your bedroom is once again organized! It is much easier to spend a few extra minutes a day than to lose an entire morning or afternoon on your day off!

Never fear, life happens. Realize that once you are organized, it will take less and less time to get your room back to normal when you fall back briefly into your old disorganized habits.