Dear Advice,

Enjoyed your web article (

and am wondering how the “trendy” part that you mentioned in your article works for a woman close to 50. I adore some of the banana republic and j crew jacket styles, but the trendy baby doll and spaghetti strapped tops I would never wear. I have to get up the nerve to wear the proper jean style even though I have nothing to worry about figure wise. I am 5′ 8″, size 6, and medium to light brown color. I have light skin and hazel eyes. I just feel in a “traditional” time warp and am having trouble getting out. Although I think my daughter really does dress very stylish, I would like to try some upbeat things but not be accused of looking like my daughter. Any advice?

Thanks so much,


Hi Cattea,

I am excited that you are ready to explore breaking out of your current comfort zone. It takes courage and enthusiasm to try on new fabrics and styles. Here are the steps that I would recommend for you:

Enlist the Help of a Friend or Professional

Find a friend whose style you admire to become your second opinion and guiding light

* Tip* This person does not have to be a woman, my personal stylist is a man!

If you want to find the perfect pieces quickly, hire an Image Consultant

* Image Consultants are trained to find the perfect clothing items for your body and coloring.
* They know where to shop, how to show off your best assets and what items you should invest in to remain current for years to come!

Purge and Take Inventory

* Go through your closet with your friend/consultant and get rid of the old, tired and outdated items
* Your friend will help with this process to provide moral support and offer honest opinions

If in doubt, try it on. Be prepared to try on the majority of your clothes.

* Aspire to get rid of at least one third of your current collection.
* You probably only wear 20% of your clothes, so don’t hesitate to go for it!
* Your daughter can also help you decide what to purge. She knows instinctively if something is “mommy material”.

As you purge, make a list of the classic elements that are missing from your wardrobe

* Order the AddSpace Women’s 18 Essential Clothing Elements tm on our shop page to help track what you need.

Shopping Tips

Create a wardrobe that includes the classic Women’s 18 Essential Wardrobe Elements tm
Even though you are a size 6, do not go to the Junior Department

* Many clients try to get hip by shopping in the junior section
* Tip* If you are looking at odd size labels i.e. 5, 7, 9 etc, you are shopping in the wrong department. Make sure your label is an even size – these are for women!

Search and find the classic clothing items that fit you perfectly

* Try on and try on again until you find the perfect cut for your body
* Invest in the best fabric and tailoring that you can afford
* Nice fabrics last longer and pay off in spades for the classic wardrobe elements.

Get Trendy with Accessories

* Mimic the current trends with your accessories, not with your core classic clothing elements.

o Update your look each season inexpensively by adding a few new blouses, shoes and jewelry items to your existing wardrobe. Pair these with your existing classic pieces.

+ Blouses in the latest hip color, shape and style will give your existing

+ classic wardrobe an immediate current edge

+ Choose jewelry knock-offs that are featured in fashion magazines:

+ chandelier earrings or whatever is currently in vogue

+ Shoes will keep a classic wardrobe up to date: wear platforms, peep toes or whatever feels fun and current!

# AddSpace tip* If you are over 30, please do not ever wear platform flip-flops!