An upper level manager who travels frequently and needs to look professional. She is required to dress up for formal meetings but at other times does not want to appear too formal or intimidating to her staff.


The biggest challenge for most women is finding suits that are not black! Most women beyond their 20’s, and unless they are true winter complexions, are best served to keep black away from their faces. Unfortunately, when it comes to suits, it is very difficult to find very many choices besides black.


This client looked good in almost every color except black and especially great in lime green and navy. After much searching, I was able to find a navy suit and a lime/brown suit that we could dress up or down based on her schedule for the day. Two suits can turn into at least 6 outfits when paired perfectly together.

You can see that this suit looks just as nice during “Jeans Friday” when dressed down with jeans, as well as during formal client meetings.

Check out the incredibly fun and sexy shoes that she is wearing with her jeans outfit above!

The outfit below shows how to combine a suit coat with a jersey knit dress to create another style.