Muck can be a whole lot of things—your belief systems,
old habits that no longer serve you, clutter,
a crazy schedule, muddled thinking or an outmoded
image. Whatever your muck is, there are tried, true
and dependable methods to get unstuck.

How to Master Your Muck addresses the most common
areas where many of my clients get stuck:
paper piles, time management, technology stalemates
and more. I am here to help you clear the stuff that is
holding you back and keeping you from reaching your
most fulfilled and thrilling life.

Being stuck has much larger ramifications than being
slowed down or even put to a standstill; sometimes you
might even go backwards. Have you ever noticed how
all your systems depend on each other and everything
affects everything else? For instance, you decide to clear
out your hall closet. You start emptying the contents
and begin to realize that most of the contents belong
in other parts of your house. You are really motivated
and decide to move things to where they really belong.
You start with the five extra pairs of shoes that you left
on the floor of the closet. You head off to your bedroom
and oops! there isn’t any space in the closet that is their
rightful home. Now you are in a quandary, peering into
your closet and wondering how in the world you can
manage to get your extra shoes stored inside without
first straightening out your closet.

Your motivation dissolves. You decide that you just
do not have time to tackle all of the areas involved with
cleaning out the hall closet, return to the hall closet,
place the items back inside and close the door. How
long do you think this unfinished project will linger
in your mind? I would wager that you would spend
weeks thinking that you need to get back in there and
finish what you started. Your mind will create many
unpleasant thoughts around your organizational skills
and you may criticize yourself for months. Additionally,
you will dread opening the hall closet door because it
reminds you of yet another abandoned task that you
would just as soon forget.

Being stuck in the muck can become a roadblock to
your success. Muck is a powerful saboteur of creative
expression. When you are stuck, it is difficult to bring
your unique gifts to the world—you often become
frustrated or face financial failure. Muck blocks your
ability to be free and follow your heart to live your
passion. Clearing the muck or the broken systems in
your life will help you learn how to change gracefully
and with less effort than you can imagine.

This book reveals two secrets of Professional Organizers
and Image Consultants. The first is that changing
something outside such as your office environment or
physical appearance catalyzes transformation of your
inner self. Change creates the space needed for creativity
to flourish.

The second and more powerful secret is that a small,
seemingly insignificant change in a physical environment
can produce a result in your life experience way out of
proportion to the size of the act. Just one simple change
can open your life in ways you could never imagine.
Don’t think of this as a quick fix. Change can be
simple but it’s not easy, which is why you are reading
this book. You need the tools and a way to approach the
job that will align with your creative potential.

My joy in life is working with people who want to
remove obstacles to create change in their life, because,
as a serial change artist, I truly know who you are and
how I might help. I thrive on riding the waves of change
and actively co-create the new chapters of my life as
they unfold. I know that I can manifest good into my
life by remaining open, spacious and receptive enough
to allow new ideas to enter.

Improving organizational processes can be a special
challenge for people creating themselves anew in this
fast-paced world. After working with thousands of
clients, I know you have the ability to think outside the
box and that you also have the potential to create and
maintain organizing systems that will work uniquely
for you. Organizing does not have to be tedious: it is a
truly creative endeavor.

I will shine the light for you to make changes and
take charge of your life, business and the systems
within. Right now, you are resonating with this book
because your current methods have fallen short of your
true potential.

I am holding the way for you; I have the vision and
knowledge that you can accomplish and maintain any
change that you desire. I KNOW this to be true for you
. . . as it was true for me. So let’s have some fun and
figure out where to start.