This discussion was recorded between myself and a client who came to me to review and update her image and wardrobe. The common denominator of many of my image clients is that they hire me when they are going through some type of transition.

A life transition is the perfect time to hire an image consultant. We help clients reevaluate their wardrobe and image to ensure that it will serve them as they move into a new phase in their life.

This client graciously describes her thoughts about her style, wardrobe and image. I love her candor and insight!

Kathi: Here I am talking with Anita and we’re going to talk about your wardrobe and your image today. Tell me Anita, why did you call me and what was it that prompted you to make the call?

Anita: Okay, I’m in a transition place. I’m at a transition point in my life and I would like to know how to dress better. I called you because I would like to learn more about what works with my body, my color, and my size/shape.

And what I am really going for more than anything else, what I’d really like to determine are two things – my style, and remain consistent with my style and two is, I want to be able to go into my closet, pull things out and look good all the time.

While I’m not working, I want to look put together, neat, fun, professional. I want to look good and when I am working and as I’m interviewing, I want to be able to have the right clothing for interviewing. I just want to look put together.

Hair Before Makeover

Hair After Makeover

Side view of fabulous haircut – sassy!

Kathi: Okay, and how do you feel right now with your current wardrobe?

Anita: Truthfully, I have some nice pieces in my wardrobe and in my closet but they’re hit and miss. I don’t always look good in them. You know what Kathi, I am very comfortable being sloppy and I don’t want to be sloppy. I want to present myself with thought. I have been very comfortable being sloppy and I don’t want to be sloppy any longer!

I want to make the effort and take the time. Right now we have a complete raw canvas just so you remember and I remember when I hear this again, I just got back from the gym. There’s no makeup on, I’ve got a big breakout on my lip. You can see the whole raw pallet, wrong color.

Kathi: Black’s the fall back, we try hard to not have the black around the face but that’s such the easy thing to find. That’s what kills me about today’s stores. But that’s okay, so you’d like to put yourself in your new wardrobe, put together, professional, kind of always coordinated. And the thing about style is if you have the right things in your closet, it’s easy.

It’s not like you have to be uncomfortable to be stylish, because the stuff will fit you nicely, it will feel like a second glove when you put it on, and you can go anywhere and do anything and not feel like you’re primped up but still look really put together.

So that’s my goal for you is to give you the elements so you can just throw and go, look good, not that much effort, and head out the door and feel like you’re presenting yourself to your best ability.

Anita: Right, good! Because that’s important to me, and that’s why I called you instead of the other numbers of image consultants. It was so clear that that was your focus and really working with each individual client, each body, each style, each age.

Kathi: We all have different bodies and we all need to begin to embrace dressing our bodies with confidence as they are right now. This is my goal for you!

Stay tuned to listen to this interview once it gets downloaded. There will also be a follow up ‘after transformation’ video posted in the future so check back on this client’s continuing journey. She is a beautiful and amazing woman!